What is a line in sports betting: how and why bookmakers’ odds change

The line reflects the bookmakers’ opinion, but you can move the odds with your bets.

The line in sports betting is put up by bookmakers. It consists of markets and can change due to several factors. In this article, we’ll break down what a line is, how and why it moves, and talk about spreads and gaps.

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What is a line in sports betting

A line is a bookmaker’s offered bets with odds on an event.

The line consists of markets: net outcome, result with handicaps, double odds, statistics, etc.

The composition of the line bets may vary from one bookmaker to another. The line is formed using specialized software under the control of a team of analysts.

Some bookmakers use ready-made software and do not participate in the line formation process.

What is line movement

Line movement is a change in the odds.

The line changes both under the influence of external and internal factors.

When the line is released, the odds show the pre-match balance of power of opponents. Later on, information may appear about injuries in the camp of teams, the presence of disagreements among players, other insider information, which may force the odds to increase in one direction and decrease in the other.

In addition, the lines are influenced by pro-loads – the flow of bets on a particular outcome. If a lot of money is placed in one direction, the odds on that outcome will go down.

Bookmakers use both approaches when changing the line:

fundamental – estimating the probability of an event by taking into account the margin,

Market – artificial correction depending on the markup.

Markets and line-up

The main market for most players is the main outcome:

P1 – home team win;

X – draw;

P2 – guests’ win.

Keep in mind that in this market you bet on the result of the main time. If you took the home team’s victory, but they won in a penalty shootout, the bet will not go in. In this case, the bet on the final passage of the hosts will pass.

The line has markets for totals and forwards, on which you can bet on the results of the entire match or game segment.

Total is the number of certain actions. Handicap – the number that is added to the result of a team or athlete.

The roster – the secondary markets. The maximum bet on such outcomes is less than on the main markets. Bookmakers impose restrictions in order to avoid big losses. The outcomes on the secondary markets are more difficult to analyze.

It can be the percentage of ball possession, the total of goals of an individual player, the number of substitutions and so on.

Before choosing your bet, carefully analyze the line. You are unlikely to find a serious mistake of the bookie, but you can choose an underestimated outcome.


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