What Is a Thermal Oxidizer?

Pollution is an ever-increasing and hazardous threat to living beings and the atmosphere of the planet. Industrial pollution makes up a large part of the overall earth pollution for big industries consist of big factories that spit out great amounts of waste. Efforts have been made to try to curb the rise of dangerous pollution levels but they do not seem adequate or sufficient enough. The amount of water, air and land wastes outrun the preventive and precautionary measures.

Thermal oxidizers are a part of such efforts made against dangerously rising high levels of industrial and air pollution. A thermal oxidizer works by breaking down the hazardous and toxic elements in waste air at greatly high temperatures. The harmful elements like volatile organic compounds and hydrocarbons are decomposed by thermal oxidizers into carbon dioxide and water vapours and then released into the atmosphere. This way the waste air is rid of toxic substances that can be hazardous if breathed in by living organisms.

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There are various types of thermal oxidizers that have different strong features and are differently suitable for different conditions.

Direct Fired Thermal Oxidizers

Direct fired oxidizers have simple technology where a waste air stream is entered into the combustion chamber from the opening and enough time is granted for the decomposition and destruction of VOCs. However, it is only really advantageous when VOCs are highly concentrated and they can act as the fuel source because it has no heat recovery system otherwise.

Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers

This kind is the most popular and frequently in use at present. This is because they have high levels of heat recovery. In some cases, said heat recovery can go up to 97%. This is obtained by trapping the heat in thick ceramic stone chamber.

A regenerative thermal oxidizer is the best suitable option for when the VOCs are in low concentrations and for long hours, continuously running operations.

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Thermal Recuperative Oxidizers

This kind operates by the principle of heat exchanging. It has a metal heat exchanger for the purpose where it recuperates heat from the cleaned-up air that is being exited and uses that heat as a temperature enhancer for the toxic incoming air to clean it up.

Sometimes these oxidizers have a secondary heat exchanger that uses the same process but sends the heated up air back to some part of the plant where it can be recycled.

Aqueous Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer

A relatively new but equally beneficial technological invention in the field of thermal oxidizers is an aqueous regenerative thermal oxidizer. This is a kind of thermal oxidizer that lets you destroy the water waste on the site instead of sending out the toxic and filled with polluted substances water out in the natural water bodies where it can cause havoc to the environment and marine life.

These can come as a separate unit for water cleaning purposes or a combined one for decomposing and destroying both the water and the air wastage.

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