What is Amisoft ECS-22W in Facial Foam?

Many of you may have heard or familiar with one of the cleaning agents called Amisoft ECS-22W, right? Have you ever wondered that What is this substance? Why is it a popular ingredient in facial cleansing foams that require good and effective properties to gently cleanse the face? Today, admin has knowledge about Amisoft ECS-22W for you. Let’s delve into every corner.

What is Amisoft ECS-22W?

Amisoft ECS-22W is an anionic surfactant type skin cleaner. It is a substance derived from Glutamic Acid, which is a type of essential amino acid combined with plant derived fatty acids. It has the name PCPC INCI or the international name Disodium Cocoyl Glutamate. At 27.5-34.0% when dissolved in water (in aqueous solution) is another cleaning agent that is very gentle. Because it is a substance that contains natural ingredients. It is certified by COSMOS STANDARD, the standard for all organic cosmetic and skin care products worldwide.

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In addition to being extremely gentle, the Amisoft ECS-22W Amino Acid or Disodium Cocoyl Glutamate is also effective in deep cleansing. with excellent foaming properties In Ajinomoto’s research on the properties of Amisoft ECS-22W, it was reported that when dissolved in water, Amisoft ECS-22W has a foaming rate of up to 30%, and it also helps moisturize skin and hair. It is therefore suitable for use in sulphate-free formulations. (Sulfate-Free Formulation) and can also be used with products with a very wide pH value, even if the product is weakly acidic.

What are the benefits for the face?

with the properties of being highly gentle deep cleaning Moisturising, foaming, and versatile, the Amisoft ECS-22W is ideal for use in gentle cleaning products. The gentle foaming cleanser has Amisoft ECS-22W as the main cleanser because Amisoft ECS-22W is a very beneficial facial cleanser. Which can be described according to the properties that are beneficial to the skin as follows.

– have a high degree of tenderness

Facial skin is a particularly sensitive area, so the use of a face wash should be a gentle foaming cleanser. suitable for face Does not cause skin irritation The Amisoft ECS-22W cleaning agent is also quite gentle due to its natural precursor. Therefore answering the question of safety on the face and being gentle on the face

– Deep cleaning

A good cleanser should capture dirt well and reach deep into the pores. to keep the skin clean Without residues that can cause acne of various types, the Amisoft ECS-22W amino acid is an effective cleaning agent. Can break particles into the dirt in the pores to come off easily. It makes the skin clean as deeply as possible.

– Moisturizing

In this point, it is a point that needs to be emphasized. Because a good facial cleansing product must not make your skin dry and tight after washing your face. Must keep the skin hydrated. Because our skin needs moisture on the skin all the time. Which is the body’s natural mechanism that needs moisture to protect the skin. If the skin lacks moisture, there will be many negative consequences such as increased oil production on the skin. to compensate for the lost moisture premature aging Dry skin but lack of moisture, peeling skin, inflamed skin from lack of moisture, etc.

– Good foaming

This is another feature of facial cleansing products. Good foaming will make washing your face easier. Can clean all over the page more. And it doesn’t take a large amount to wash your face in one go. thus helping in terms of saving Due to the use of a small amount, it is already able to wash your face deeply and with high efficiency.

– Can be used in many pH values

The fact that the Amisoft ECS-22W cleaning agent can be used in a wide range of pH values ​​and in a very wide pH range is This allows manufacturers to design products that are extremely gentle by using Amisoft ECS-22W as the primary cleaning agent. Because good and gentle cleansing products must not be strong acids or strong bases. But must be in a weak acid condition because our face has a pH of 5.5, which is a weak acid and if you want a cleanser that fits your skin well. does not irritate the skin It doesn’t cause skin inflammation or breakouts. A mildly acidic facial cleanser has to be designed with a pH of 5.5 or a pH of 5.5 so that it doesn’t irritate the skin. Amisoft ECS-22W is classified as a cleanser. Skin that is really gentle on the skin.

Due to the properties of Amisoft ECS-22W that are extremely beneficial to the skin, it is widely used in the production of foaming cleansers that require high gentleness. It can be used for all skin types, whether it is oily, dry, combination, sensitive, sensitive or acne-prone skin. It can be used for all skin types, making Amisoft ECS-22W a popular skin cleanser that is both gentle and moisturizing. Cleans the skin deeply. And the efficiency of use is very high ever.


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