What is Cloud Computing?






Cloud Computing is a service that covers the use of computing power storage unit and various online systems from service providers to simplify installation, maintenance, save time and reduce the cost of building your own computer systems and networks there are both free and paid services. Known as cloud computing (the Cloud-Computing) form easily understood.

If the interpretation of the word Cloud Performance Monitoring seems difficult to understand or if translated into Thai “Cloud computing” is even more confusing. But it would be easier to say that Cloud Computing is how we use the software, systems, and resources of the provider’s computer via the internet can choose the processing power Select the number of resources according to the needs of use and allow us to access data on  Cloud from anywhere As shown in the diagram below. The user simply connects to it through the network with the web browser or Client applications on their devices such as mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, or Chrome books, etc.

Why is cloud computing services (the Cloud-Computing) so popular?

Cloud Computing is a service that we use or rent using computer systems or computing resources. of the service provider to be used in the work where we do not need to invest in the purchase of hardware and software by ourselves, the whole system does not need to set up the network itself Reduced administrative responsibility (because the service provider will take care of itself) plus when upgrading the system is also easier All users have access to the system, various information via the Internet, can manage and manage system resources through the network and sharing of resources (shared services) with and paying to rent the system, You can pay according to our needs, how much you use, you can pay only. When the demand is higher, additional purchases can be made to increase the potential of Cloud Hosted PBX Computing without having to upgrade the system and computers to be chaotic, so small and medium-sized businesses, including educational institutions, therefore, turned to use the service Cloud Computing that both reduces costs and simplifies a lot. It’s like outsourcing this job to really focus on your main job.

Type of service Cloud Computing (Cloud Service Models)

Service Cloud Computing has many forms, but in this case, we speak of the major three types.

The software as a Service that is closest to us is Gmail. In addition, such as Google Docs or Google Apps is a form of software used through a web browser. Documents, calculations, and presentations can be created without having to install any software on the device.  It’s convenient to share your work with others. The processing is done on Google’s servers, so we don’t need a machine with high processing power or a lot of storage to run. A budget Chromebook will do the job. Many universities both in abroad nowadays then canceled setting up Mail Server for e-mail use of personnel and students in the university themselves. Instead, turn to services like Google Apps, reducing costs, the burden of maintenance, and a lot of frustration.

Platform as a Service 

Many popular applications such as Snapchat choose to rent a service like Google App Engine, enabling them to develop apps that serve massive numbers of people. It doesn’t take long to develop with just a few staff members.

Infrastructure as a Service 

It is a service that uses computer infrastructure such as processor storage system networking in a virtual system (Virtualization) The advantage is that organizations do not have to invest in these things, are flexible to change the organization’s IT infrastructure of any kind, easily expandable. Can be expanded little by little according to the growth of the organization and most importantly, simplify maintenance because the duty of care will be at the service provider

For example, a cloud storage service like DropBox provides storage space. But in addition, there are also rental processing services, rental services. virtual server To use and run any application as we want, whether it is a Web Application or Software specific to the organization, etc.

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