What Is Colocation Data Center and Why Is It Important? A Guide

Even though technology has made doing business easier, that doesn’t mean it isn’t challenging to set up a reliable IT infrastructure. For many companies, they don’t have the time or expertise to make it happen. That’s where colocation facilities help.

Many businesses turn to these companies for taking care of their computer hardware hosting needs. There are now over 2,100 facilities in the United States to meet the growing needs of companies.

The question is, what is a colocation data center, and how are they important to businesses? Keep reading to learn the answer.

What Is a Colocation Data Center?

A colocation facility is an IT company that stores computer hardware for other companies. Many businesses don’t have the right conditions to host their own computer servers. Because of this, they need to get help from an external provider.

A colocation facility will host servers from many different companies. They invest specifically in the resources necessary to safeguard data, provide high-speed internet, and ensure server uptime.

Why Are Colocation Data Centers Important?

Now that you know more about what colocation hosting offers, the question is, will it be worth the investment for your company? Below are the many things colocation facilities offer customers.

Better Security

Security is a growing concern for every business that uses the internet to operate. There are more threats than ever, and the number of threats is likely to increase in the future.

Unfortunately, it only takes one small mistake to compromise your business. Colocation facilities invest a lot into security to ensure their customers’ data remains safe.

Scale Faster

Adding new hardware to your infrastructure isn’t an overnight process. You need to know what hardware to buy, when to upgrade your hardware, and other resources necessary to scale. It’s hard for a non-tech company to make that leap.

You can use the expertise of a colocation center like netwise.co.uk to scale your company’s IT resources. They’ll provide expert consulting to help you grow your IT infrastructure at the facility to meet your growing needs.

Reduce Costs

Computer hardware isn’t your only cost when you run your business servers at the office. You need to power the machines, provide the right environment for your servers, and have an IT team ready to handle any issues. This is cost-prohibitive for many businesses.

You can save money by moving your servers to a colocation center. You can use their IT resources instead of paying for them yourself. In most cases, you’ll save money in the long run.

Protect Your Files

Maintaining your data is one of the most critical parts of business today. You need your data to make critical business decisions, so you can’t afford for it to be wrong or missing.

It’s a problem if your hardware fails and you lose access to your files. Your colocation provider will back up your servers to ensure everything is restored quickly on failure.

Investigate Your Options for a Colocation Data Center Today

With how expensive it is to set up an internal IT infrastructure, not every business can afford to do everything themselves. Now that you know what is a colocation data center is, you have the knowledge needed to look for the most cost-effective option. Look at the popular providers today to find a service that can help.

Are you looking for more tech tips that will help you run a more efficient business? Check out the blog for the latest business technology advice.


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