What Is Email Verification?

Have you ever signed up for an email subscription and received a link requesting for you to verify your email address? Chances are you wondered why that is. Well, invalid email addresses create a hassle and hard bounces for businesses.

Actually, if you’re a business owner yourself, it’ll benefit you greatly to use an email verification service. Take a look at the information below to learn the benefits of email verification.

What Is Email Verification?

Email verification includes verifying that an email address belongs to a real person. The purpose of this process is to make sure that an actual human receives and interacts with the emails sent. It prevents spam traps and other email discrepancies before they are flagged by the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) or the Email Service Providers (ESPs).

Unfortunately, faulty emails can cause damage to your company’s reputation. However, email validation helps you to purge your email list and improve deliverability.

What Does an Email Verification Service Do?

Email verification systems are sophisticated programs that check for syntax regularity. The system uses artificial intelligence, algorithms, and testing to identify shady email addresses.

This process is generally done in real-time. The program assesses the potential likelihood that an email will create a heart bounce.

Each email on the list is run through the system and ranked via a scoring system. If the email is suspicious, it’s isolated and reviewed for certain markers such as:

  • Misspelled emails
  • Old or inactive emails
  • Invalid email formats
  • The status of the email domain

In addition to this, the email system verifies whether or not the address has engaged with the emails sent. For instance, if you’ve sent subscription emails to a particular address, and the subscriber hasn’t opened the emails, the program will pick that up.

In this situation, most email verification tools unsubscribe the user and send out warning emails before doing so. Sometimes it’s not that an email address is invalid, but that the customer and subscribers aren’t interested in the emails they’re receiving.

Ways to Validate Emails

There are two main ways to verify emails. The option that you choose is based on a time frame that your business needs results and the level of verification you desire. Verification is done via the following:

  • Submitting the email list to batch processing and creating a suppression list of invalid emails.
  • Using an API to verify the emails in real-time.

It’s so important to clean up your email list because it can create poor customer service, lost revenue, increased marketing expenses, and inefficient sales.

Check out https://emailoversight.com for more information about email validation.

Utilize an Email Verification Service

As you can see, it’s super important to use an email verification tool for your subscription list. These days, it’s so easy for scammers to wreak havoc via email addresses. You want to avoid that at all costs.

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