What Is Fear and Where Does It Stem From?

It is said that there are seven kinds of universal emotions that a human experiences. The types are anger, fear, disgust, contempt, happiness, sadness, and surprise. Amidst these universal emotions, one encounters fear that occurs due to any type of physical, psychological, or emotional threat. It is categorized as a negative emotion because it may lead to negative impacts. In severe cases, fear may even lead an individual to practice self-harm or commit suicide. So, it is imperative to come up with steps that can help reduce the risks of fear and control it. Essential oils for fear and anxiety can help in this case. 

Fear can pass on if we allow ourselves to get distracted from it, learn to control it, or simply avoid feeling it. These are certain ways we choose to cope with it. On the other hand, it might become stronger if we allow it to have the best of us. Feelings of helplessness may intensify the fear and cause it to occur more gravely. This is when it becomes prudent to mitigate it by using essential oils for anxiety Gya Labs

What Are The Standard Signs Of Fear?

1. Changes In The Heart Rate 

When we encounter a petrifying situation, the body tends to respond to it by producing adrenaline. This may trigger action in the body, which eventually results in changes in heart rate as well. In accordance with the threat that the body experiences, both the heart and the breath rate increase or decrease.  

2. Shortness Of Breath 

The adrenaline produced by the body as a response to the threat it encounters also leads it to bring changes in our breath. Due to the increase in breath rate, we may also find ourselves panting for breath. As a result, shortness of breath is a basic sign of fear. This means that our breath begins to work at a rapid rhythm that is not normal. 

3. Nausea 

Our body also has a tendency to release Cortisol when it fears or feels threatened. Cortisol is a hormone that inhibits insulin production. This gives muscles the quick energy to perform actions. So, when the body is frightened, our muscles have a tendency to work faster. However, as soon as the fright subsides inside us, the hormone balances itself back. Some people may also experience an upset stomach in such cases. 

4. Increased Sweating

Adrenaline may also be responsible for producing increased sweat in our body along with a certain amount of chills. When the muscle contraction is stimulated, you may feel chills to a certain level. In more severe cases, these are also referred to as “goosebumps.” One is also likely to experience goosebumps when they are feeling cold. In this process, our body hair is also likely to erect, reflecting the severity of the goosebumps.

5. Trembling

It is also a common response to tremble when we experience fear. For example- this may often occur while watching horror films or listening to ghost stories. This is the product of increased blood flow in the body. This also implies that the muscles in our body begin to tremble, causing other body parts to tremble altogether. 

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What Are The Diverse Types Of Fear?

1. Situation-specific Fear

This type of fear may arise according to the situation and only last until that situation ends. For example- presenting a presentation at a meeting or giving a speech in a public forum. These are also said to be fleeting fears that might be temporary, as the name itself implies. Generally, these are self-protective, but they can soon turn into chronic fear as well. This type of fear may lead to mental health issues like anxiety and phobia. Social Anxiety disorder and Panic disorder are the two main types of this fear when it reaches a stage of severity. 

  • Social Anxiety Disorder

This is a form of condition wherein an individual feels anxious or petrified of a certain social interaction or a group of social interactions. Fast heartbeat, tremble and lightheadedness are certain signs of this disorder. 

  • Panic Disorder

During this type of disorder, an individual may begin to experience panic in the last few minutes of any situation. Although panic disorder is well-defined by many Psychologists today in their research papers and studies, a lot more research needs to be conducted on it. However, sweating, chills, and trembling are some of the major signs of this disorder. 

2. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder 

Also known as PTSD, this type of disorder may be a response to a certain trauma in life that may have caused the stress to remain even after the traumatic event ended. This may be caused by the death of a loved one, an accident, or encountering a dangerous event in life. Changes in mood, altered anxiety, and internal reminders of the incident that caused this trauma may be the most significant signs of PTSD. Please call upon a Therapist or a Psychologist to help you find relief if you think you have PTSD. 

3. Phobias

One can encounter a multitude of phobias in life. This may range from a phobia of Snakes to heights and so much more. Some people may even have a phobia of water. To help combat this problem, one must visit a Therapist or a mental health care provider at the earliest. 

Ending Note

The function of fear is focused on either causing us harm or making us avoid the positive aspects of life. However, in both cases, we are putting ourselves in grave danger and jeopardizing our mental health. That is why breaking out of any sort of fear becomes imperative on time. So, visiting a mental healthcare expert is the need of the hour in such cases. Speak to them, describe what you feel, and ask for relief. They can help you on time. Also, ask them about which essential oil to scout for to help reduce your fears. You can go by their advice to leave no room for any health complications in the long run. Try it out now!


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