What is Hybrid Work And Why Do Employees Want It?

Almost every team in 2020 was discussing remote work. How to execute it well, what the obstacles were, and whether it was a good fit for them. However, the focus has turned to the hybrid workplace models in 2021. 

Now that people are starting to gather in person again, how can businesses effectively integrate remote workers with an in-person component in their existing office spaces?

Team building companies like Jambar can help you out in choosing the right mix of both in-house and remote work and in turn, implement the right model for an efficient workplace.

What is Hybrid Work?

Hybrid working refers to a flexible working model that helps the employees in working from remote locations. The term hybrid means working from both office and remote locations. For example, you must have heard about hybrid cars as they combine both petrol powertrain and electric motors. 

The same thing goes for the hybrid working model. The model here is the powertrain, in-house is petrol-powered, and remote location is an electric motor. This idea has been proposed so that the employee can not only get the freedom to work from anywhere they want but also offer an optimum level of productivity. 

Sometimes working nine to five inside a closed space daily can be hectic and hamper the thinking ability and productivity of the employee. Hence, sometimes working from a remote public space can offer a sense of freedom to the employee. 

Moreover, during the outbreak of COVID-19, hybrid working has become the new normal as there are restrictions on the number of employees allowed inside the office. As a result, some of them prefer working inside the cubicle, and others prefer to work from public places such as coffee houses or a library, and the cycle goes on. 

Why Do Employees Want Hybrid Work?

There are many benefits that an employee enjoys from hybrid works, which is why they want their firm to implement it. Here are a few benefits that influence the employees to perform hybrid working – 

  • Productivity – 

It is one of the prime benefits that make the employee work from remote locations sometimes. Nowadays, the majority of the work can be done from the laptop. If someone can work without the office distractions from a remote location, they will be able to work at their best, which in return will aid in improving productivity. 

However, the same does not apply to every employee. Some employees think that they can not properly focus on their work if they are working from home or working from a remote location. They need a proper office environment to work at their best. Suppose your company is offering flexible working models. In that case, both types of employees can offer the best products, which in return will help in generating more revenue for your firm.

  • Working relationships and collaborations – 

We can not deny that office interactions and collaborations are better when it comes to in-house working as they can have face-to-face interactions. 

However, there are chances that a few employees are introverts, and they prefer online interactions for better collaborations and working relationships. If a firm is integrating a hybrid working model, both the staff can enjoy the benefits, which will help them collaborate and interact the way they are comfortable with.  

  • Job satisfaction – 

With enhanced productivity, the employees will feel job satisfaction and a sense of freedom. As they are getting the option to choose from remote locations, they will have a better balance between work life and personal life. 


Hybrid working can be a great thing, especially in the current times of pandemic, as it will allow employees to hybrid work in their comfort zone with an optimum level of productivity.  It will not only improve the driven workforce of a firm but also reduce staff turnover. 

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