What is Parental Alienation in Boston? 






The term Parental alienation is a situation where one parent manipulates the child to distance the children from the other parent. It usually happens in case of divorce to get child custody, and a Boston Family Law Attorney can help you deal with the legal aspect of the divorce case. In this blog, you will learn about parental alienation and how it impacts a child and the parent. 

How are children being manipulated in such cases? 

The parents try the following ways to manipulate the child-

False narratives

Over here, one of the parents uses false narratives to convince the child to believe the lie told by the parent. Some of them go to the extent of scaring their children by abusing them mentally, physically, emotionally, where the child is left helpless and traumatized. But this is not only the reason children refuse to visit but also valid other reasons for not visiting, including neglect. And the other parent who’s been targeted over here becomes the victim too when the partner keeps on playing the role of an emotional blackmailer giving threats of harming oneself or the kid. 

Controlling the children

In cases like this, narcissistic parents have the habit of controlling their children. In some cases, we come across where these kinds of parents cannot appreciate the child’s needs or view their children as possession belonging. 


Also, children are bribed with worldly things to make them against their own mother/father in a few situations. 

Impact of Parental alienation. 

The parent alienation can have a major impact on the children and the other parent. Some of the significant areas of impact are- 

(1) low self-esteem,

(2) depression

 (3) drug/alcohol abuse

(4) lack of trust

 (5) alienation from one’s children

(6) divorce etc. 

The outcome of such an action

Other effects of parental alienation include splitting, forming and maintaining relationships, and low tolerance of anger or hostility. Sources also add that growing up, and it becomes challenging for the child to cope as they are mentally and emotionally hurt and drained. Studies show that the risk can be lowered for alienated children by the right amount of medication, yoga sessions, and regular counselling.


The children need to be kept in a healthy environment, for that matter and should be sent to extracurricular activities for diverting their minds. The parents should not let their lack of mutual understanding interfere with the child’s growth.

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