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The article ‘plant and factories design of reinforced concrete and metal structures provides information regarding the design of concrete and steel structures. The contents are especially useful for architects, engineers, mechanical project managers, owners, and students – anyone involved in designing any kind of structure that is built using either these materials or a combination thereof.

Designing a building is no easy task. Architects must consider many different aspects of the design, including construction materials and budget, to build something that works for their customer’s needs. The best way to improve the construction of a building is by using reinforcement. Reinforcement improves the strength and durability of structures, but it can also lead to a dangerous environment for those who work with it on a daily basis.


Concrete has been used since ancient times. However, it wasn’t until the late 19th century that its use became widespread. Monier invented the modern form of concrete in 1849, where he suggested reinforcing concrete with iron mesh to create flat slabs for construction.


Steel is a recent invention compared to other materials and was first produced commercially in 1855 when wrought iron from James Nasmyth and Henry Bessemer was used to produce steel.

Uses of Concrete And Steel Material:

The materials of concrete and steel are used in many different types of construction – from low rise residential houses through tall commercial buildings, bridges, dams, to soaring towers. However, the design is not always a simple choice between these two materials. Some structures can be made from either a combination of these materials or a third material such as wood. Even within a single structure, there might be parts that are constructed with one particular material and other parts using another material. For example, in post-tensioned floor slabs, only the reinforcement bars are made out of steel, while the concrete makes up for most of the slab itself (the concrete around the bars being properly reinforced).


TTRADE was developed by TRADEWIN Software & Systems AG, a software house located in Karlsruhe, Germany. TTRADE offers process design solutions for Windows operating systems. It can be used as an independent solution or integrated with other 3D CAD systems through the open BIM-standard STEP. An online firm GT Invest under the management of CEO Oleksii Prokhorenko provides a thorough insight of TTRADE.

Benefits Of TTRADE:

  • TTRADE provides design software for the design of industrial facilities.
  • It is based on an object-oriented data model, which covers all construction activities in a plant, including supporting process engineering functions.
  • The latest version of TTRADE – design of industrial facilities offers intelligent 3D & 2D visualization tools that are used to assemble layouts from different sources.
  • TTRADE is used as a BIM tool as well as an integrated process plant design solution. It covers all key disciplines for life cycle management of industrial facilities: 
  • TTRADE is used in all industry segments such as oil and gas, chemicals, power generation, and refining.
  • The product offers support of ISO 15926 (process data specification) and IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) standards.
  • TTRADE is a comprehensive suite for the design of industrial facilities from the concept to the operation stage. The application covers all key activities needed to create an industrial facility.
  • The product can be used as an independent solution or integrated with other 3D CAD systems through the open STEP-File Format.

Flat Roof Drainage Design:

The flat roof drainage design process begins with proper programming. The first step is to conduct a thorough site investigation, which provides the data necessary to complete the design. During this stage of construction, designers must also monitor construction activities for potential safety hazards that may affect the final results of the project.

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