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Well, if you plan to visit Dubai for any of your purposes, you will prefer to have a rental car for your convenience. The most important thing you should keep in mind is that you should have all the necessary documents for the rental process to proceed.

So without waiting, let’s have a look at the requirements to fulfill the process.

The essential documents required to rent a car in Dubai

The requirements for renting a car in Dubai are different for the residents and tourists in Dubai. For instance, in Dubai, rental car companies will need residents to provide copies of passports, valid UAE driving licenses, residential visas, and Emirates ID.

On the other hand, the tourists coming from different countries of the world have to provide the following documentation to rent a car Dubai.

  • Original visit visa
  • Original passport
  • International driving permit
  • Original driving license from the home country

UAE license considerations to rental a car in Dubai

Whether you visit Dubai for a leisure trip or a business, you will require a driving license or international driving license if you want to drive yourself in the state of UAE.

If you do have a valid and legal driving license from your home country, you still need to get a valid international driving license. When you plan to get the car on rent, both documents are essential.

On the other hand, if the tourists from other countries have a driving license, valid in the United Arab Emirates, they don’t need any extra or additional documents like licenses.

Valid international driving License in the UAE

One of the essential documents needed to rent a car in Dubai is the driving license.  So, renting a car in Dubai is allowed to drive inside the city with the international driving license and also by the driving license of  different countries i.e. Brazil, Bahrain, Australia, Austria, Canada, China, Hong Kong, and many more countries.

Tourists of South Korea, Japan, and Quebec have to provide copies of their translated and original licenses.

Additional considerations

Despite the documents mentioned above, there are some other considerations that individuals should keep in their minds.

Overhead costs

Charges of the rental cars depend on the duration for which the car is available for rent. For instance, most of the companies in Dubai city charge in full payment monthly, weekly, and yearly. In addition to this factor, to make the possible traffic fines in case of damage of vehicles on the credit cards, the rental companies block the deposit amount normally up to AED 1500. The money deposit is released within a few days if the client does not incur the fine or damages while renting a car in Dubai.

Insurance coverage

Another important consideration that is essential to rent a car in Dubai is the insurance factor. The majority of car rental companies provide standard insurance deals as part of their rental deal per car. On the safe side, you should ask the rental car staff that the charges are made inclusive of insurance. It is also suggested that you should go for additional insurance coverage.


To wrap up the article of what is required to rent a car in Dubai, if you want the visit to Dubai to be hassle and tension free, it is better to fulfill all the legal requirements and follow all rules and regulations to make your trip leisure and happy.

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