What is the Best Food To Feed Your Dog? Is Kibble Better? Or Fresh? Or Raw?






Food is a very important thing to think about for your dog, as it is a part of his daily life and health. While humans can decide what to eat, a dog is not as lucky. Their human masters are the deciding factor in what a dog will eat each day. Generally, we pick out what we feel is ideal for our dog friends’ health and happiness.

Our choices have grown as the popularity of freshly made food for dogs has become easily available. However, deciding what is best may be difficult. The easiest day to decide is to meet with a veterinarian, who can offer options that specifically fit with the breed of dog you own.

This is some of the major things to think about when selecting a dog food:

– Maintaining excellent health for your dog requires a well-balanced, healthy diet.

– Working dogs have different caloric needs than domestic pets due to their degree of activity.

– Puppies and adults, as well as big and small breed dogs, have different nutritional needs.

– Certain proteins, such as eggs, wheat, or milk can cause allergic reactions in certain dogs. Make sure to pay attention if you notice an allergic reaction.

– Believe it or not, dogs want food that both smell and taste good to them. If it doesn’t, they may not eat as much.

– How does your dog’s diet fit into your lifestyle? Do you have time to prep and go grocery shopping?

Cooking Fresh Food for Your Dog

If you opt to feed your dog fresh food, choosing natural choices like beef, chicken, or lamb, along with veggies like peas and carrots, it can improve their overall health and well-being. Eating natural can help with the dog’s heart and energy, while making their coats shine and better smelling breath. It can also improve their eyesight, and even affect their stool.

Cooking on a regular basis for your dog is time-consuming and expensive. Also, owners should make sure to prep and cook their dog’s meals, according to veterinary nutritionist-created recipes.

There are delivery services that do a good job in this, but you should do your research and ensure the meals will provide your dog with the correct nutrients to ensure their health.

Giving Your Dog Raw Food

Homemade, store-bought or other types of raw food for dogs are available. When it comes to raw food for your dog, this can include different meats, whole bone, raw eggs and fruits and vegetables that are safe for them. You can also feed them yogurt. Raw food advocates tout the following advantages: your dog’s coat is shinier, have better skin and teeth, and more energy.

Despite those who prefer raw food, sometimes, it is not recommended for dogs that live with small children or those with weakened immune systems. Raw food needs extreme caution when handling and prepping the meals. Also, cooked food may be required for dogs with certain health conditions and preferable for puppies.

There’s dangers of sickness from uncooked food and it is not recommended by the American Veterinary Medical Association.


Dry food is generally required to be balanced to suit a dog’s nutritional demands. Kibble is made up of processed and prepared foods with protein like meats such as chicken or fish and eggs, along with grains, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Preservatives are required in all dry dog meals to prevent the fat from getting rancid. However, some products are high in carbs or include low-quality components and sugar.

Lower dental plaque, healthy gums, reduced danger of germs, as well as simpler storage and cost make kibble an easy choice for a busy household.

Other Dog Concerns

Other than the diet, you always want to make sure your dog is not aggressive and not put yourself in a bad situation. Even if your dog isn’t aggressive towards others, there’s always a chance they could bite, which is why you should always supervise when your dog is around others. 

If there is a situation where someone is bitten, make sure they are okay and then talk to a dog bite lawyer in Toms River, New Jersey or a dog bite lawyer in Bridgeport, CT. It all depends on where you live. You don’t want to be sued and not be prepared.

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