What is the best recruitment software for agencies and where to can find it?

Successful recruiters are aware of how much their recruitment agency software contributes to a seamless hiring process. The best recruitment software is a must-have for any staffing agency.

This requirement results from the reality that having an excellent recruiting platform in place is just as crucial as having a clear business objective. Every recruiter has one strong goal – to find the best candidate to match the role requirements. There are many different ways recruiters can reach this objective but having the right tools is a big advantage.

The best software for recruitment agencies UK

Staffing agencies invest in several tech tools. Modern hiring processes require the support of modern technology. So, agencies will need to find the best recruitment software, online skills testing software, telephony tools, e-signature tool, etc.

All these software solutions together ensure that recruiters are always working at their best. The candidate skills assessment software filters applicants and prevents the wrong hire. E-signature tools stop recruiters, clients and candidates from wasting time unnecessarily. Video calling software is integral to remote recruiting. And the recruitment database software is the central platform that stores all the relevant data accrued during recruitment.

If you are wondering why agencies must use the ‘best’ recruitment CRM and why just any CRM platform will not do, the answer is quite simple. The best recruitment agency software refers to finding one that is perfect for individual agencies. At the outset, all recruiting platforms might look the same – providing similar features and having the same end goal.

However, it is critical to look deeply at each software system and what it offers. Just as not every staffing agency is different, every recruitment CRM solution is also different. When you search and find the most suitable CRM software for your recruitment firm, then you have found the best software for recruitment agencies.

What makes a recruitment database software solution the best?

When recruiters find a hiring platform that helps structure their workflow and improves their efficiency, productivity, and work quality, then it can be said they have found a great tech tool.

The best recruitment database software will contain useful software features and simple-to-use functionality. Basically, the software features will include –

  • Automation
  • Cloud-based CRM
  • SaaS system
  • Easy compliance checks
  • Integration with other tools

These are the fundamental features customers can expect from vendors. The real research starts after this. You will need to dig deep into each feature and ask pertinent questions related to your business and workflow.

And don’t forget to ask about client support. If you have a great CRM but bad customer service, then is it even worth partnering with the vendor? Make sure excellent customer service is the standard, not a bonus.

Finding the best recruitment software platform in 2022

Do your market research. Find what your competitors are using. Book demos. Read customer reviews.

These are the basic tenets of research. Market research will help you discover who are the leading or key players in the recruitment software sector. Then you can see if any of them are offering what your business needs.

See which CRM platforms your competitors are using. This can help you gauge whether those platforms would be a good fit for you.

Every recruitment agency software supplier offers a free demo. Take up this offer. Demos are the best way to understand how a system works and how it might fit your business. Ask questions. Bring your colleagues along.

Finally, user reviews are a treasure trove when it comes to understanding what service is really like. Customer testimonials are provided by the vendors but these are typically full of positive, glowing ones. But if you want to see objective reviews then visit sites like Trustpilot where customers can leave their unbiased user reviews.


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