What is the history behind roulette games? 






Roulette games have been the star of the show for a long time now, and for good reason. They are a great way to get even odds and a quick way to bet as soon as you get through the door – find out more.

Being the main theme of action movies such as James Bond and being the favourite game of King Charles III, roulette blows many of the other casino games out of the water. If you are interested in finding out about the history of the popular roulette game, then stick with us.

The inventor of roulette

Roulette was invented in France in the 18th century, like many other games such as blackjack. Although, for roulette, its invention came as an unexpected surprise.

Blaise Pascal, one of the most famous physicists of the 18th century was said to have invented the first roulette wheel. But his intention was not to build a casino or even make it into a wagering game of any sorts. This design was intended to be a perpetual motion machine.

A perpetual motion machine, is a machine that is intended to be, once started, self-sufficient in generating its own power. In theory, a perpetual motion machine can go on forever after it has been first put out in motion. But these machines to this day have never worked as intended. If they had, a lot of our energy problems would have been solved already, and the roulette wheel would never have worked for casinos! 

When they added the zero

The roulette wheel was first adopted as a gambling instrument by the casino of Charles III. In a time of economic turmoil, Charles III the king of Monaco decided to invest in his casino. The Monaco casino is one of the most grandiose casinos in the world, dating back to the 17th century.

The kings strategy was seen as controversial by many of his disciples, but he nonetheless kept to his plans, and to his benefit he proved the critics wrong.

Monaco was a hub for rich aristocrats and barons that came to Monaco to vacation and live in luxury, which means indulging in casino activities. His implementation of the roulette wheel was revolutionary and brought many riches back to Monaco.

King Charles did not end there of course. After just a few years of the roulette wheel being on the main floor he suggested a slight alteration to the game.

He introduced a “zero” on the wheel which dramatically improved the odds of winning for the house. 


As you have read, the history of the roulette wheel is rich. From being invented for the purposes of revolutionising the way we produce energy, to being a means for the king of Monaco to regain sovereignty over his land, roulette is truly one of the most interesting games on the casino floor. Now that you know the rich history behind casino roulette you are ready to find your favorite online casino and start spinning that wheel. Remember to bet responsibly and to have fun!

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