What is the Requirement for Booking in Capital Smart City

Capital Smart City is a massive, cutting-edge residential development in Pakistan. It is Pakistan’s first Smart City & Asia’s fourth. Because of its innovative features, it is quickly becoming one of Pakistan’s top popular residential properties. On the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway M-2, it is nearby the new Islamabad International Airport.

Habib Rafique Limited and Future Holdings Developments, the owners and builders of CSCI, have teamed up to build this groundbreaking residential society. They are well-known in the real estate sector for their commitment to making high-quality facilities in residential projects such as DHA or Bahria Town.

Masterplan and Location:

The Capital Smart City Islamabad (CSCI) is situated just next to the Islamabad International Airport in the Rawalpindi District of Islamabad. The facility is positioned on the eastern path of CPEC, 9.2 kilometres off M-2 Toll Plaza at Thalian junction on the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway. The new Islamabad airport is around 5-6 minutes absent.

Surbana Jurong, established in Singapore, is one of Asia’s major urban, engineering, and construction consulting organizations, with a global workforce of over 16,000 workers spread over more than 120 offices, featuring designers, architects, planners, builders, and other specialists. A significant portion of the Smart City’s master plan focuses on boosting the society’s striking wonders, and the program involves new infrastructure, including a public transportation network with advantageously located sites, Central Boulevard, and an assortment of high-rise structures.

Why Invest in Capital Smart City?

In the Capital Smart City and Blue world city gated community, the overseas block is quite essential. It expresses gratitude for the hard work and commitment that Pakistani nationals residing overseas have put in for our country. Capital Smart City is offering Pakistani foreign nationals a safe and beneficial way to engage in their hometown. Online booking has indeed been made accessible for those who want to invest in our initiative from anywhere in the world to keep the procedure as simple as possible.

Capital Smart City’s Most Recent Development:

The construction of Smart City Islamabad is moving at a rapid pace. Society has entered into several contracts with world-renowned corporations to provide futuristic technologies and elevated features to the community. Harradine Golf has been hired to develop an international level 18-hole golf course, and Movenpick will establish their upcoming hotels and resorts to provide the best hospitality services in the area. A memorandum of understanding has also been linked with National Defense University to select the university’s newest campus in this magnificent housing project.

The project implementation at Capital Smart City has progressed beyond its earliest stages; in fact, progress has accelerated in the last several months since the project’s formal inauguration. With the assistance of new and high-tech technology, the levelling and mapping of the ground is nearly complete.

Capital Smart City and its spectacular block, the Overseas Seas Prime Block, were accepted by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) in September 2019. However, we always remind our loyal readers and consumers that you must first acquire a valid NOC before purchasing any property.

How to book a plot in CSC?

There will be several documents necessary when booking your ideal property on a dream block. The documentation you must submit is as follows:

  • NICOP / CNIC of self and nominee 
  • Transaction Receipts / Pay Order / Draft 
  • 2 x photos 
  • Membership Achievement 
  • Signature & Thumb Impression Form

The following are the steps to take:

  • All individual data is appropriately filled out 
  • The nominee’s data is entered 
  • Payments are entered 
  • Signature is entered

Documents verification:

To prevent misunderstandings or mischaracterizations, please double-check all documentation for accuracy. Ask about the builders’ NOC and the Islamabad Development Authority’s approval paperwork before making any house purchase or transfer. As a consequence, your material will be complete and accurate in every way, assuring customer satisfaction.

Safety net for money:

Before finalizing any property purchasing or selling procedure, please confirm that your funds align with your purchasing plan. As a consequence, your purchase or sale will go through without a hitch.

Property Inspections:

Before making any purchases, double-check the position on the floor and authenticate the legitimacy of the paperwork to ensure that the legal records match the plot characteristics on the ground.

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