What is Virtual Private Server Hosting?

VPS stands for a Virtual Private Server. Virtual Server Hosting or VPS hosting is one of the most successful hosting services you can select for your website. It utilizes virtualization technology to give you dedicated (private) resources on a server with several users.

It is a more reliable and stable solution compared to shared hosting where you do not get a dedicated server space. Nevertheless, it is small-scale and more affordable than renting a whole server.

It is a more reliable and stable solution compared to shared hosting where you do not get a dedicated server space. Nevertheless, it is small-scale and more affordable than renting a whole server.

VPS hosting is generally determined by website owners who have medium-level traffic that surpasses the limits of shared hosting systems but still does not require the resources of a dedicated hosting server.

The working of a VPS hosting

A server is a computer on which your web host saves the files and databases required for your website. Whenever an online guest needs to access your website, their browser sends a request to your server and moves the essential files by the internet. VPS hosting enables you with a virtual server that resembles a physical server, nevertheless, in reality, the machine is shared between numerous users.

By using virtualization technology, your hosting provider installs a virtual layer above the operating system (OS) of the server. This layer separates the server into partitions and enables every user to install their own software and OS.

Hence, a virtual private server (VPS) is both virtual as well as private because you have total control. It is divided from other server users on the OS level. VPS technology is just like designing partitions on your own machine when you want to operate more than one OS example: Windows and Linux without having to restart the system.

Operating a VPS allows you to set up your website in a secure system with protected resources such as disk space, memory, CPU cores, etc. you do not have to share with other users. With the help of VPS hosting, you have similar root-level access just like you are having a dedicated server, but at a much lower expense. You can also use a Azure Virtual Desktop to increase your efficiency.

VPS hosting can be an excellent solution for you if that is the service you require. So here are a few advantages and disadvantages of operating a virtual private server:


  • It is more durable and secure compared to a shared hosting server.
  • As server resources like memory or processing capacity are assured, there is zero to minimal variation in the availability of resources.
  • Malfunctions and traffic surges of other server users do not affect your website.
  • You get access to superuser (root) access on your server.
  • You have enhanced privacy, as your databases and files are secured from other server users.
  • It is a simply scalable service. As your website evolves, you can effortlessly update your server resources like RAM, CPU, bandwidth, disk space, etc.


  • It is more costly compared to shared hosting.
  • It needs more technical knowledge to maintain your server.
  • Badly configured servers may result in security vulnerabilities.

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