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This question is a popular question. In surgery, many people suspect that the face. What kind of silicone is suitable for mice? Because as much as I tried to ask many questions The clinic said it was not the same. Some of them are available in different types, from Thai, Japanese, Taiwanese, Korean, American and Brazilian silicones. Oh my god! Plus, the price of these silicones varies according to the novelty.

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Items that come with, for example, the price order, for example, Thai silicone: (gray, hard appearance) cheapest price 5,000-6,000 baht

Japanese silicone : (yellow, medium soft) Price ranges from 8,000-15,000 baht.

Korean silicone : (yellow or reddish brown Medium soft appearance) Price 20,000-30,000 baht Silicone USA : (White or flesh color Medium soft appearance) price 15,000-25,000 baht.

And then the farthest imported is Brazilian silicone : (white color, looks like Duo Silicone, the tip is very soft) 40,000 baht or more

Many questions arose as to whether each source of silicone is different and how good is it? So, which type of patient is suitable for each patient, is it more expensive, better or not?

   Before answering the question, the writer would like to refer back to the previous article that the silicone that can be used in the patient’s body in surgery must be silicic. Cones produced for medical use only. Also known as Medical Grade Silicone, it can be said that Thailand does not have a factory that can produce Medical Grade Silicone. Therefore, to say that it is Thai silicone (hard, gray appearance) is not true. The part that says it’s US silicone and silicon. I have to answer that the country has technology that can produce Medical Grade Silicone, but why would he produce a lot when his population, both America and Brazil, is already very prominent. In most cases, the word augmentation Rhinoplasty of westerners is surgery to reduce the size of the nose. It is not an Asian rhinoplasty.

   The writer would like to add a little more about America’s silicone. If it’s really America’s silicone Usually there are only 2 colors, white and flesh color, because the color of the silicone that the company mixes in the silicone is made to Harmonious with the patient’s skin

   American silicones are therefore quite expensive. Because the cost is high, one piece is priced at 4,000-5,000 baht, but the silicone at various companies imported for use in surgery in Thailand Most of them are from Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese and Korean companies, which can tell that the production base or the factory that produces it is in China. mainland

Now, it’s enough to understand, right? Actually, silicone comes from the same source. So why is there such a difference in price? How should the patient decide to choose?

I recommend as follows: Medical Grade Silicone is actually available in 2 types:

  1. Finished silicone (that is, silicone that has been successfully made) will see that the shape will be very divine. It’s beautiful like this. Wearing it in my nose would be beautiful to look at. I can think of it. But in reality, this is not possible. because think about it. The shape that comes out of the factory is quite precise. But our noses are not the same. The concave and curvature are not the same, so if the surgery is put on the face, it is impossible to be suitable for everyone. write here The finished silicone company would be angry. Raise your hand to the side of Sili, when the finished cones come in many different styles, there must be one that is suitable for the patient. (Actually, as he said, there must be a pattern…)

   But if we really talk about almost every clinic to many hospitals that can’t do surgery There are more than 5 designs for patients to choose from. It’s a bit close, I’ve put it on and the rest are used to decorate them. Seriously, I don’t think this is wrong (it’s like buying a dozen pants and it doesn’t fit. Let’s fix the zipper a bit. But the strange thing is that things that are produced in such a large number are expensive instead of cheap.

  1. Block Silicone. It looks like a large sheet and is then sharpened. Silicone sticks are divided into 4 types according to their softness and hardness.

2.1 Hard (Hard) 2.2 Medium Hard (Medium)

2.3 Soft (Soft) 2.4 Very Soft (Ultra Soft)

When reading here Most people will think that we choose soft and soft ones so that they can be touched and twisted so that they can walk and bump into something without any problems. Which the writer can tell that it’s not quite the right idea. Because silicone Too soft will not be able to sharpen the shape to be beautiful. because it is very soft. In addition, it is very soft and then goes under our skin. After a while, the silicone is very soft. That will collapse again making it look not as prominent as if it was not made (some people think that it’s expensive It’s like I didn’t do it at all. So serious.)

   The writer recommends this: Each person has a different face skin, the choice of silicone should be based on the thickness – thin of the face. Especially around the bridge of the nose and the tip of the nose. The selection method is divided as follows.

  1. If the patient has a lot of tissue around the nose bridge or is thick (that is, able to pull up a lot of meat with fingers) can make the surgery very prominent Including the use of silicone with medium hardness (medium) by sharpening the silicone to make the shape beautiful. Because in addition to looking beautiful and smooth, it also does not collapse easily when added for a long time.

   for the color of the silicone The manufacturer usually produces accordingly. User needs, for example in American patients with very white skin. The silicone used must be white. To make the color of the silicone and the color of the skin harmonious for Asian patients. The company will mix the color to be flesh color or yellowish color. to blend in with Asian skin tones as well. But if we are people with very dark skin don’t worry Because no matter what color silicone you wear, it will look harmonious. because our dark skin color will completely obscure the color of silicone)

  1. If the patient has a lot of tissue in the nose bridge, the author recommends surgery using soft silicone. Yes, because when added, the nose will look prominent and beautiful. And over time, it will look smoother.
  2. If the patient has very little or very thin tissue around the nose bridge (that is, the meat around the nose can’t be pulled up at all), in this case, the writer does not recommend it. Nose augmentation using silicone. because the area is very thin When surgery with silicone inserted When the texture is attached to the silicone, it will look very prominent. In this case, if the patient really wants to have surgery It would be advisable to add artificial fat injections. However When the patient wants to have a nose augmentation Please think carefully, it might be more appropriate. that the price of expensive silicone Yes, when it comes out, it will be beautiful. The rhinoplasty depends on the doctor who sharpens the silicone in each type. Beauty is more suitable for our face. As the writer said above, a plastic surgeon who tries to sharpen the silicone block to fit our nose, which is the only place in the world (Limited Edition), how much effort and effort he has to put in. (Like an artist doing art) which is not like a printing house that prints dozens of pictures and sells them, but as the problem asks, why are ready-made silicones more expensive?
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