What Makes a Great Sports Watch?

Sports watches are devices designed to help you keep track of your fitness and enjoy a wide range of features while participating in sporting activities. The market features a wide range of sports watches with varying shapes, designs, and features, depending on the user and the specific activities. When choosing sports watches, it is wise to ensure that your choice is ideal for your needs and applications

What makes a great sports watch?

Below are some features of the best sports watches;

Incredible display quality

One of the main characteristics of the best sports watches is the display quality. Great sports watches have a display that is easy to read. When running or participating in various sports activities, the last thing you want is to struggle to read the contents on display. A good quality display makes the watch easy to read and use. The display should also be constantly bright for you to read the time and other elements even when it is foggy or dark. Some sports watches come with backlighting qualities. This means that the display lights up in the dark.

Good battery performance

A good sports watch should also have incredible battery performance. Sometimes, you may have to partake in sporting activities that last for a long time. From the training to the actual activities or competitions, a lot of work and many hours have to be put in. Therefore, you need a battery whose battery performance can accommodate your needs. The best sports watch should have a battery capacity that can last around one week. The battery should also not take too long to charge.

Water resistance

A great sports watch should also be water-resistant. This is especially the case if you are an avid swimmer. Trail runners also need water-resistant watches as they often encounter elements of weather like rain. With a water-resistant running watch, you do not have to worry about your watch regardless of whichever water predicament you run into.


A good sports watch should also be lightweight. This way, you can move your arm repeatedly without feeling the weight or discomfort from the watch.

Adjustable or elastic bands

A great sports watch should also come with an adjustable band with a buckle at the end. This allows you to tighten and loosen depending on your needs. Otherwise, the watch may also have an elastic band. An elastic band allows you to easily slip the watch on your hand and take it off whenever you need to. Sometimes when working out or participating in intensive exercises, your hands may swell due to exhaustion or strain. Therefore, an adjustable or elastic band would come in handy.


A great sports watch should also be highly durable. When participating in sporting activities, the watch is likely to wall, get exposed to impact and other elements that could cause it to break or get damaged. Therefore, a sports watch made with durable materials and featuring a durable design would be an ideal choice.

Ease of use and setup

Another characteristic of a great sports watch is the ease of use. The watch should be easy to use. This means that you should be able to read it effortlessly and understand its various features. Additionally, the watch should be easy to setup. This implies that it should be easy to set the various features, including the tracking, GPS, and time elements. This way, you do not have to worry about the watch and can focus on your sporting activities.

Additional features

The best sports watches on the market come with additional features. Below are some of these features;

• GPS- sports watches with GPS are great for hiking, trail running, and other outdoor sporting activities.
• Heart rate monitor- a sports watch with a heart rate monitor helps you keep track of your heart rate when participating in activities. This can come in handy for your health.
• Calories monitor- a watch with this feature is great for people whose intention for participating in sports is to lose weight or stay healthy.
• Blood oxygen sensor- this feature adds an extra layer to the health and wellness tracking abilities of the watch
• Sleep trackers- some of the best sports watches also come with sleep trackers that help you take care of yourself


The market features several sport watch options for you to choose from. All you need to do is ensure that the watch you select meets the criteria listed above and more. This will ensure you make the best option.


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