What makes Airtel UPI one of the Safest Payment Apps?






Whether you are planning to get a prepaid or postpaid service, whether it is about DTH or broadband, Airtel leaves no stone unturned to offers the best services in the industry. Over the years, the brand has only made its customers happy. Now to make the lives of the customers even easier, Airtel has brought its UPI, Airtel Payments Bank. You can pay your utility bills through this App and even transfer funds to other accounts. This makes it a truly versatile payment application for Airtel customers.

What makes Airtel Payments Bank safer than many of its competitors is the Airtel Safe Pay feature. It is a two-step verification process in which as you try to transfer funds to a different account, you will receive a notification in which you have to authorize the amount. This feature helps you from various types of scams, phishing, stolen credentials, and even phone cloning.

How can I carry out a transaction using Airtel Safe Pay?

Step 1

You have to link your Airtel number with your Airtel Payments Bank account. Now you can allow Airtel Safe Pay for your account on Airtel Thanks App.

Step 2

You can now initiate UPI or net banking. You can carry out the transaction using your Airtel Payments Bank account while you have to enter the transaction amount, mPIN, etc.

Step 3

You will receive an Airtel Safe Pay alert on your registered Airtel phone number, which you have to authorize. The alert would include details such as the amount that is being transferred and the merchant’s or receiver’s name which you can verify.

Step 4

Now you will receive notification about the transaction being completed. This assures you that the money has gone to the right account and your transaction ID will be saved in the app history for future references.

Another factor that makes using Airtel Payments Bank a great idea instead of using your Salary or Saving bank account. This way you can protect your account details from being exposed to the various risks that exist when you make online payments. The Airtel Payments Bank also provides you with a digital debit card that can be used for online payment in a similar manner to a physical bank card. There is even the facility of cardless transactions from many of the ATMs in the country which adds to the convenience of the customer.

Each year, there are millions of people who fall prey to fraud related to phishing by compromising the security of their net banking details. The best thing about enabling Airtel Safe Pay on your mobile is that you will continue receiving the Airtel Safe Pay alerts even when your mobile does not have an active internet connection. All you need is a cellular network and you can make the payments securely. While most of the payment methods in the country only provide two-factor security through mPIN and OTP, Airtel Safe Pay’s added security is especially appreciated by the customers who are skeptical about the security measures that their bank provides.

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