What makes Airtel Xstream Box your perfect partner for entertainment?






Indians are quite fond of entertainment; and, maybe that is why Television (TV) is one of the things that is commonly enjoyed by every household in this country. The rise of DTH has made watching television a seamless experience with round-the-clock entertainment. To take things to the next level and boost the TV’s entertainment experience, you can choose Airtel Xstream Box. Wondering what an Airtel Xstream Box is? Let us find out the details about the future of DTH entertainment in India.

What is an Airtel Xstream Box?

It is a DTH television box offered by Airtel that converts any television into a smart TV. You can watch online content through several OTT apps such as Hotstar, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Zee5, Disney+ Hotstar, Youtube, etc. on your TV screen. The built-in Chromecast allows voice search with Google Assistant and the Smartphone works as a TV remote as well as a gamepad. You can even cast your mobile screen on your TV set for sharing with the family.

How does it work?

The Airtel Xstream Box works on Android 9.0 Pie-based Android TV OS, through Google Play Store and offers access to more than 5000 Apps and Games. You can install the popular streaming OTT apps with the usual DTH functionality. The box can also stream up to 4K picture quality with immersive Dolby Digital sound.

How is Airtel Xstream Set-Top Box different?

It is the same box in which Chromecast is in-built and helps in streaming OTT content along with the usual DTH services. It helps you get all of your favorite binge-worthy content on the big screen so that you can watch your favorite shows and movies with your family. Although devices such as Amazon Fire Stick and Google Chromecast have existed, which can convert any regular TV into a Smart TV, the functionality has never existed in a DTH box.

Does Airtel Xstream Box need the Internet?

Xstream Box needs internet service, preferably wifi connection. The video streaming quality of the Xstream box totally depends upon the internet speed. Therefore, you need to be sure that you have high-speed internet service at home. The great part is that you can also get an Unlimited Internet Plan from Airtel Xstream Fiber broadband and get a great discount on the Airtel Xstream DTH box.

To continue watching OTT/online content on the Airtel Xstream Box, does one need to subscribe to linear DTH channels/packs?

If you want to watch the OTT channels on the Airtel Xstream Box, you need to keep your Airtel DTH account recharged. You can choose a plan with the lowest monthly charges. All that you need to do is to keep the DTH connection recharged.

These questions and answers pretty much explain everything about Airtel Xstream Box. Once you take it, you can stay glued to your television all through the day and watch your favorite movies and TV series round the clock. The Airtel Xstream Box can be bought at a cost-effective price of INR 2499.

To buy the Airtel Xstream Box, you can visit the website of Airtel. You can enter your phone number and check availability by entering your city name. Once you have confirmed these charges, you can go ahead and unlock the world-class entertainment at Airtel Xstream Box.

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