What Makes Shared Hosting Affordable?






The successful running of your WordPress website is largely dependent on the hosting services used by you. Hosting companies in India offer a plethora of choices for website hosting and you can choose from these based on your budget and resource requirements. While dedicated hosting is considered to be the best option for ensuring the optimum functioning of a website, it is quite costly and out of the reach of small businesses and new websites. Another option is VPS hosting which offers dedicated resources through the use of Virtualisation technique to compartmentalize a single server into many. But the most affordable option is to buy shared hosting servers for your website hosting needs.

What is Shared Hosting and How Much Does It Cost?

Shared hosting as the name suggests is a type of hosting service where the resources are shared by several websites. A single server is used to host multiple sites with its resources available all at the same time. And since the resources are shared, the cost of maintaining the server is split between all the users. This sharing of the costs reduces the overall cost of hosting for each website hosted on that server.

Best shared hosting makes the maximum use of the server’s resources as one or the other website is using them at all points of time. This feature of shared hosting makes it quite popular among new and small websites. Hosting companies can divide the cost of maintaining a server among various users and so offer plans as low as Rs 169 per month. Including free domain or one year, SSL certificate, Content Delivery Network for speedy loading of web pages, easy to-use intuitive website builder, and 24/7 support to resolve any issues, these plans are quite useful and adequate for most new websites or small businesses with the limited visitor traffic.

Other Attractive Features of Shared Hosting

These features of shared hosting plans make it a good option for people looking for affordable WordPress hosting.

  • Quick Maintenance and Support

Shared hosting plans come with 24/7 support by the hosting companies which ensures that any problems faced by a website are resolved quickly. Also, the server, hardware, and other resources are maintained by the hosting company which keeps a constant watch on them and regularly maintains them too.  Since a single server is being shared by several websites the hosting company has to be proactive in ensuring that it runs smoothly and its operations are not affected due to small technical issues bintangplus4d.

  • Chance to Focus on Growing Business– Since the maintenance of the shared hosting sites does not require the website owners to have in-depth technical knowledge, they can focus on growing their business.
  • Option to upgrade- Many hosting companies offer their customers an option to upgrade their hosting plans once their resource requirements increase. This ensures that businesses can use their funds initially for the growth of the business and later upgrade to VPS or dedicated hosting plans to handle the increased traffic volumes.
  • User-Friendly– Hosting plans include tools like cPanel and Plesk allowing users to manage their websites and applications. A good shared hosting provider generally also offers email accounts, marketing tools, and analytics tools to help a website attract new visitors murah4d.

Apart from offering affordable WordPress hosting, Shared plans also come with features like one-click installation, and easy website builder that make the whole process of maintaining a website easier.

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