What Pastors Should Know About Church Planting

Even though the rate of church planting is low in the US, evangelists plant about 4,000 churches every year. However, we also lose 3,700 churches during the same period. From these numbers, we only add 300 churches every year, which doesn’t keep up with the growing population.

Why do we need more church plants? New churches attract more young people than established churches. Given that the majority of the millennial population are young people, church plants tend to penetrate deeper into emerging cultures.

However, the church planting process can be pretty daunting. It’s fulfilling but also demanding at the same time. Before you consult church planting organizations, you would want to know what to expect.

Here are the five things church planters need to consider before getting started.

1. Pray Regularly for God’s Guidance

Regular prayer should be at the top of your church planting strategies. Ultimately, the success of your church plant relies on God’s grace. He builds His congregation through you and the people around you.

Moreover, church planting should be a direct call of God. Praying and manifesting about it will open your inner eyes to what God expects of you. It will help you build your relationship with God and confidence to unleash your maximum potential in understanding and spreading the gospel.

2. Seek Confirmation From Reputable Church Planting Networks

The bible teaches us about the importance of counseling in Proverbs 11:14. The church fails when there is no counsel, whereas a multitude of counselors guarantee safety. Connect with church planting networks around your target community.

Alternatively, don’t go too far looking for wisdom. Talk to senior pastors in the churches you previously served. You’ll get first-hand accounts of successful church planting methods and implement them in your strategies.

3. Conduct Extensive Research and Get Informed

It’s imperative to conduct extensive research before implementing church planting strategies. You want to read as much as you can and consult widely across the industry. Many online resources will teach you how to gather disciples through building relationships.

You can also interact with various church planting organizations through their websites. Doing research will expose you to the basics of planting a church as getting church insurance.

4. Spousal Support Is Important

As noted, a church planting process can be very demanding. It will likely take a toll on the rest of your family.

In that case, it will help if your spouse throws their support behind you. If they understand your ministerial duties, you’ll have an easy time balance home and church duties.

Also, getting spousal support means involving them in deciding about church planting methods.

5. Go for a Formal Assessment Before Church Planting

Formal assessments from church planting organizations will help refine your vision and reaffirm your calling to serve God. These assessments may include written evaluations or behavioral interviews to reveal your growth areas.

At the end of the assessment, you’ll address your weaknesses and understand the type of ministry work ideal for you.

Understanding Church Planting

The American population is growing rapidly. We need to plant more churches in the coming years to reach the unchurched.

Consider the above guidelines for a successful church planting mission. Most importantly, always pray for God’s input, grace, and intervention.

Check more church planting strategies and resources from other articles on this site.

Check more church planting strategies and resources from other articles on this site.


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