What Security Means For Businesses in Delta, BC?

Learn Best Security Systems to Security Reasons


Businesses face unique challenges as compared to residences. There’s a tough competition going on, and every industry seems to be participating in marathon, striving hard to win the race. This justifies the notion of embracing advanced security, especially at fast-paced business franchises running in countries like Canada.

Be it small or bigger business, the security camera systems for all kinds of businesses are somehow interlinked. The multi-camera setups that help companies monitoring multiple spaces at a business property, eventually helps in improving business safety by preventing theft and ceasing an unauthorized access to the premises.

Regarding this tough competition in the entire industrial market, we’re going to highlight the primary advantages of setting security systems in Delta, BC for businesses and the top surveillance systems to consider for businesses.

Best Reasons to Set Security Systems For Businesses 

What security means for business, the answer take form of reasons triggering various aspects of business, from being reactive for any past mishap to monitor employees’ performance, tracking productivity ratio, & ensuring ultimate safety.

Here’s a glance at each of them;

Remote viewing capability

Suppose you run a business like a child care, pet daycare, or any business in which you want your customers to be able to check in securely. Thus, you want to see what’s going on during the day. You want to stay updated with what your employees have been doing all day.

For this reason, the remote viewing capabilities of your customers and employees would be best.


Protect your staff and customers from all kinds of theft dangers. The security cameras at workplaces ensure the reliability of a place that no one will steal their valuable stuff, nor there’s any danger of burglary at the workplace.

The surveillance system also work as strong evidence either in your favor or against your company for every incident or mishap that occurs at your place.

Makes You Reactive Against Any Potential Incident

Your business had an incident due to which your employees feel unsafe. Something happened that caused your employees to feel unsecure that way.

For this reason, the surveillance system ensures that being responsible business owners, you are reactive to protect something that has already happened before. This will help provide employees peace of mind, guaranteeing it won’t happen again.

Be Pro-active

Being proactive is essential to running your business for the longer term. Get cameras up to cover all that’s been highlighted above, raising the bar of your business.

A top-notch security system, be it a CCTV camera or any other security system, will help you prevent crime, productivity issues, and domestic safety issues.

Top Three Business Security Cameras 

Let’s take a look at the following best three business security systems in Delta BC that are demanded for their incredible features and security functions;

1. The Night Owl Extreme Surveillance System

The night owl surveillance system is a complete security camera for indoor and outdoor use. This system includes four adjustable, wired cameras with an image resolution of 1080p, motion detection, night vision up to 100ft, and heat detection sensors.

The night owl Extreme surveillance system is a great entry-level product with 24/7 support.

2. Swann 8 Channel Security System

The Swann 8 channel surveillance system allows you to connect up to eight security cameras. And, this digital video recorder holds up to 1 TB of footage on a local hard drive that comes preinstalled. This security system is worth considering indoor and out, especially for any comprehensive security solution.

The system comes with four wired Super HD bullet cameras which support;

  • full HD quality
  • heat detection sensor
  • night vision

The bullet cameras are also weatherproof. Besides, a digital video recorder can receive a maximum of 8 cameras, store up to 2 TB of HD footage, and have a smart search feature. The package allows push notifications to your mobile device and is highly compatible with Google Assistant, Alexa, and Dropbox.

3. Lorex X 8 Channel System

Lorex is another best pick for a business security camera system, as it features an 8-channel digital video recorder that stores up to 2 TB of 4k ultra HD video footage. It further supports longer record times with high-efficiency video coding.

Lorex cameras have an 87-degree field of view with built-in LED lights, superior color, night vision up to 150 ft, weatherproof metal housing, and an eight-megapixel sensor. The easy installation allows you to access the Lorex cloud and receive mobile notifications.

The BH Security System has successfully proved its mettle in versatile regards. From top delta intercom repair to installation and CCTV repair in Delta, we serve in greater BC to help customers get the ultimate security system for business and residential purposes.

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