What Should Women Wear When Surfing?

There are many types of clothes available for women’s surfing nowadays. What you choose is your choice! Out of all of them, women surfing wetsuits are among the most popular ones. They can make a significant difference in any of your beach holidays. Whether your goal is to enjoy the great waves of the Pacific or Atlantic or you want to get the best of suntan, wearing a surfing wetsuit can always be one of the best options!

Well, there are many other possibilities as well. In this blog, we will discuss all of that. As you keep reading ahead, you will have proper knowledge of what you should wear while you go for the next surfing episode.

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Women’s Surfing Wetsuits

There are many options for surfing wetsuits available for women. You can get various lengths from 2/3 mm or ¾ mm. Also, you can opt for either flat-lock stitching or sealed seams. It would help if you choose the best specifications out of these based on the weather conditions you are surfing in.

On a specific note, if you are surfing in the coder waters, your wetsuit needs to be a thicker one. You will want more coverage in such situations, and your surfing wetsuit needs waterproof seams. So, you should very cautiously take care of it. Moreover, it would be best to be sure that a wetsuit must fit you perfectly. There shouldn’t be any restriction in your movement while you wear this, and you also need to avoid bagginess. So, always make sure you purchase the best wetsuit for yourself that meets all your needs.

Women’s Surfing Swimsuits

No surfing can be complete without wearing a swimsuit, and everyone knows that! And as surfing is much more intense than swimming, where you will fall into the ocean very often, keep tumbling in and out of the waves of water, you need a stiffer swimsuit for yourself that can deal with currents very easily. So, while you purchase a swimsuit for surfing, make sure you opt for the more solid options.

Moreover, while surfing, it is expected that you would like to fall off your board, but your swimsuit shouldn’t fall off too! Right? Thus, it is recommended that women who want to purchase a swimsuit for surfing purposes shouldn’t go for the strapless ones or tie-tops and bandeaus. Rather, you need to wear the ones that have buckles or elastic swimsuits. They can hold up much better in the middle of the ocean.

The best part about choosing swimsuits for surfing is they can conveniently fit you in any condition. May it be a bikini or a one-piece swimsuit, all of them can be worn in all conditions. For example, you can wear a swimsuit alone without putting anything over it during warmer conditions, or they can also fit easily below a wetsuit.

Women’s Surfing Neoprene Booties

If you have selected cold or rocky weather conditions to surf, put on a pair of surf booties. The booties specifically made of neoprene are the best for this purpose. This material is perfect to save women’s skin from the harsh weather. They come in a variety of sizes and configurations, including normal ones and attractive split-toe designs. The split-toe booties are awesome! If you explore this design, you will see how sturdy they are. They can fit you perfectly fine in rougher weather conditions. However, if you find them uncomfortable (many people find so!), you can rather opt for the normal and round toe options.

Women’s Surfing Gloves

Just like booties for your feet, what you can do to keep your hands warm in the cold water temperatures during surfing is to wear a pair of surfing gloves. They are usually made of neoprene and come in many varieties and styles. They are typically not a very commonly explored item by surfers. But surfing gloves are very useful for such women surfers who ideally surf throughout the year in the colder regions like New England, Pacific Northwest, etc. They effectively protect the softer women’s skin compared to the male skin from the harsh colds.

Summing Up

Surfing is one of the most liked hobbies of women in recent times! If you too are one among them, you know it very well. So, before your next dive into the serene blue waters soon, don’t forget to pack the most important surfing clothes and essentials so you can enjoy the experience to the fullest without worrying about your convenience and comfort.


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