What Should You Do With Your Old Couch?

Are you in for a new sofa? Even if we wanted to, sofas also only have a restricted lifetime. They’re comfy at first, loved and used until they just don’t look nice anymore. Nor would your sofa always go with the other interior. The more you upgrade other living room furniture, the more out of place your old sofa appears. But what to do about your old sofa?  Fortunately, there are tons of options as you’ll see if you click here.

Try selling it

As long as your old couch isn’t too run-down, you could always consider selling it. If it’s got some stains, try removing them first. However, you might also be lucky to find a buyer who’d not mind a minor strain. Pet owners often need new sofas and since they know their cat or dog might destroy it anyway again, they tend to look for used sofas. It’s sometimes just not worth it to get a completely new couch if you know you can throw it out in a few months. And then some people don’t have the funds to get a new couch at all. Often, a throw will do the trick and you’d only have to put it up for sale. Take advantage of all the buy and sell platforms there are, such as Ebay, Craigslist, Kijiiji or even groups on social media. 

Your advantage at selling your sofa for easy junk removal is as clear as the sky:

  • You still get some money for it
  • You don’t have to worry about how to move it outside of your house

On the downside, you have to expect people wanting to bargain and you may not get the amount you originally planned. Since professional junk removal would cost a bit, this option actually earns you a few quid.

Who needs a new couch?

Ask around if any of your friends or family might need a couch. It doesn’t matter for which purpose. Maybe someone has planned a party room in the basement and could need a sofa. Perhaps you know of someone that just moved out and currently has no furniture at all. Students are always worth a go since they’ve usually got nothing when moving out from home. Once you’ve found someone to take your old couch, they can come around with friends to pick it up. However, as it’s a deal among friends or family, you might be expected to help a little at your junk removal. If that’s the case, you may want to find some tools to help you. You certainly don’t want to break your back. Furniture sliders could do the trick if you can’t take it apart.

Offer it for free

Old couches tend to disappear quickly, once you put them at your curb with a sign ‘for free’. There’s always someone who’d take it, especially in highly frequented areas. You might not even have to add a sign that says ‘for free’. Once there’s an unsupervised sofa at the curb, people automatically assume you don’t need it any longer. However, please check first if it’s allowed to put anything at your curb. It’s prohibited in some areas and could cost you a juicy fine. Should you be allowed to put it outside, it’s the most cost-effective junk removal. It’s basically completely free. Only will you need to find a way to move it outside. Maybe you can find a friend who can help with junk removal?

Alternatively, you could get lucky on freecycle groups. Freecycle is a movement that’s split into regional groups where people offer their stuff for free. You’d only have to advertise your old sofa and freecyclers would pick it up for free junk removal. On the downside, some may say they’d come around and not turn up in the end. Hence, freecycling could end up as huge time waste. 

There’s always the option of charities

Did you know there are furniture banks? They basically work pretty much the same as food banks, but instead of food, they offer furniture to those in need. Tons of charities also take old couches for their thrift stores to gather funds. The only downside is that not all charities offer junk removal collection. Some of them are rather limited in their resources. But fret not, you’d still have two options:

  • Organize a collection with a junk removal service. Some of them do it for free if you ask them to bring it to your chosen charity. 
  • Bring it to their drop-off sites with the help of a friend. 

Apart from contacting charities like the Salvation Army, Goodwill or AMVETS you might also be lucky with more local charitable options. Is there a theatre group at your local high school that may need a couch? Maybe there’s a youth group that’d be glad to have another sofa at their meeting hub? It’d still be free junk removal, though you’d have to put in some effort on your end again.

Switch it with a new couch

Some, but not all, furniture stores offer to take your old couch when you buy a new one from them. Unfortunately, there are rules from furniture store to furniture store. While one may only take your old couch if you bought it from them, another only sends around a junk removal service. In that case, contacting a junk removal service might be more favourable. Fees might be higher via third parties than if you contacted the junk removal service directly. 

Parting Words

Surely, if you’re on a budget, contacting a junk removal service would probably be the last thing on your list. For some reason, most people tend to think about junk removal as an expensive service. They’re often not as expensive at all, while their fees are based on the living costs in your area. These are your top advantages of asking a junk removal service to haul out your sofa:


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