What Should You Expect after your Hair Transplant Decision?

Do you suffer from hair loss, thinning, or some sort of baldness related problem? Like you, millions around the world deal with some extent of hair loss. This condition becomes unbearable for many when it is unmanageable regardless of the measures taken. Hair loss can occur due to a variety of factors and these range from genes, old age, trauma, lifestyle, to nutritional deficiencies.

Similarly, there are a variety of hair restoration approaches and hair transplant specialists at Fortes Clinic explain that hair transplant is commonly the ultimate solution. If you have tried out several hair loss treatments but gained unsatisfactory results and have decided to try out hair transplant in the UK, here is what you need to know before you decide to opt for the surgery.

The Best Way to Explain Hair Transplant!

Hair transplant is a surgical method of restoring hair on different parts of the body, although commonly on the scalp. Fortes Hair & Skin Clinic surgeons can restore hair on the scalp, beard regions and eyebrows in case a patient is experiencing thinning or patchiness. The most commonly used hair transplant technologies include FUE “Follicular Unit Extraction” and FUT “Follicular Unit Transplantation”. Both technologies involve extracting hair grafts from the donor region and these are implanted into the small incisions made in the recipient region.

FUE is a minimally invasive technique and involves extracting individual hair follicles whereas the FUT method requires a surgeon to remove a strip of hair from the back of the head. The strip is dissected under a microscope to achieve singular hair grafts which are implanted in the thinning region. Patients’ results vary from clinic to clinic, surgeon expertise, and the technology used. The hair transplant team at Fortes Clinic ensures to put together a perfect personalised plan for every patient so that they receive the best quality results after surgery.

What is the Success Rate of Hair Transplantation?

Surgeries performed by hair transplant specialists have nearly a 100% success rate, although several factors have a huge role to play in this. For example, the surgical equipment used, the number of hair follicles harvested and a patient’s post-surgery care. Harvesting the right number of hair grafts ensures that a patient gets an optimal covering in the transplanted region. Also, the surgeon’s artistic and aesthetic skills allow a patient to benefit from a natural hairline after the surgery.

If you wish to get a detailed hair loss analysis to understand your exact eligibility for a hair transplant, please visit Fortes Clinic. where, the hair transplant specialist will customise your surgical procedure to ensure that your UK hair transplant provides satisfactory results.

After The Surgery

Most patients panic thinking that their hair transplant has failed once they begin to notice the transplanted hair falling out. However, this is a normal side effect since the transplanted hair grafts must make room for the new hair follicles. Fortes Clinic makes it a must to inform the patient what to expect after the surgery.

Although a few factors may differ from patient to patient, the most common guidelines for aftercare include keeping the scalp moist and taking the prescribed medication to help you ease pain, swelling and bruising.

Remember to avoid any rigorous workouts, direct sun exposure, and chemical scalp treatments for at least a month. You will have to sleep cautiously to keep the transplanted hair follicles and the hairline intact. Nearly all Fortes Clinic patients are left with quality results after surgery because they work hand in hand with the hair transplant specialist.

Wrapping Up

Undergoing a hair transplant is a very personal matter and at Fortes Clinic, we aim to help you make the best decision for your surgery. We understand that having hair loss problems can lower self esteem and  self-confidence. That’s why we customise our hair loss treatments to provide excellent results after every surgery. Don’t hesitate to consult our hair transplant specialists, because they are dedicated to transforming lives through personalised hair loss treatments.


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