What Should You Know About Plasma Replacement Therapy Parkland?






Skincare and facials have always been in trend. Currently, several advanced skincare treatments have evolved that can change the whole appearance of your facial skin and provide you with an all-new look. The plasma replacement therapy Parkland is one such treatment that’s changing the definition of skincare aesthetics.

Let’s take a look at this therapy and its benefits.

What Is PRP Facial Rejuvenation?

Also known as the vampire facial, PRP facial rejuvenation is an advanced skincare treatment that harnesses your body’s own natural healing power to rejuvenate your face. It’s called vampire facial as the process draws your body’s blood.

PRP therapy with respect to anti-aging is typically done in two different processes. Either platelet-rich plasma is injected into your skin at specific depths as per your aesthetic requirements, or it is spread on top of your face during the treatment.

Eventually, the platelet-rich blood is absorbed by your skin. That way, the collagen production process is accelerated, and the recovery time is also reduced.

Advantages of PRP Skin Care Therapy

  • Fewer Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Most people opt for PRP therapy to get rid of wrinkles and fine lines on their faces. A plasma replacement therapy Parkland promotes cellular turnover while recycling the old skin cells and forming new skin cells, elastin and collagen. Wrinkles and fine lines are eradicated partly while your facial skin tightens in response to the micro-injuries produced by the therapy. The deeper folds on your face are also reduced because the hollow areas get plumped up.

  • Enhanced Moisture Retention

The thicker and stronger your skin is, the more protected your skin’s deeper layers are from external irritants. Additionally, strong skin helps in retaining moisture. A vampire facial unclogs your skin pores and makes your skin more receptive to prescribed medication and moisturizers.

  • More Collagen Production

As you reach the age of 25, the collagen production in your body starts to drop. It declines significantly for the rest of your life, and even the quality of the collagen also drops. All this leads to deterioration of your skin.

A vampire facial readily enhances collagen production, thus improving the quality of your skin. Collagen production is stimulated due to skin cell trauma. The vampire facial uses minuscule needles, penetrating your upper skin layers during the micro-needling portion of the treatment to achieve this trauma. Immediately, the existing collagen starts healing your skin, and your body also starts producing new, healthier collagen. In a few weeks, your skin starts tightening and improves gradually.

  • Improved Skin Texture

If you have surgical scars, acne scars, stretch marks, hyperpigmentation, or scars from any traumatic injury, PRP therapy can help you get rid of them. Your old skin will disappear, unraveling new, healthier skin. The new skin tone and texture will be far better and smoother than you have ever had. And all these changes you will notice only in a few days after the treatment.


If you want to undergo plasma replacement therapy Parkland, get in touch with an expert aesthetic practitioner in town and get an appointment.

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