What Size Boxing Gloves Are Best For Training Awesome Tips


When we talk about what size boxing gloves are best for training?  Boxing, the first thing that comes to our mind is boxing gloves. Boxing gloves are the first requirement for a person who wants to pursue boxing.

Since it is one of the basic requirements, suitable boxing gloves are also necessary. The wrong or imperfect size of gloves can prove a barrier for a boxer. Here we will talk about the correct size and types of best boxing gloves that will help you get your ideal pair of boxing gloves.

Best size of boxing gloves

Now when we talk about sizes in boxing gloves. The best fit is which is comfortable to wear. Gloves with heavy padding will help protect the boxers’ hands, but at the same time, it might be uncomfortable for the trainees due to their weight. Similarly, if the boxing gloves are light-weighted and with less padding inside, they might cause trainees severe injuries. So it will be great if the trainees try for themselves which boxing gloves suit them best.

Those who want to buy boxing gloves online might consider their body weight to find the correct size of gloves for them. There are various boxing gloves like 8oz, 10oz, 12oz, and 14oz. A person weighing 40-54kg can choose 8oz, 54-68kg can choose 10oz, 68-84 kilograms may use 12oz, and 84+ can go for 14oz. Still, it will be recommended for a beginner not to go online and try for themselves with fit works for them.

Best boxing gloves for beginners

For beginners, general training gloves are recommended. These gloves can be used for various purposes by the trainees. These gloves can be used for sparring, bag work, and Thai boxing. Another type of gloves used by beginners is bag gloves. These gloves generally consist of lots of padding to protect the hands of the trainees while doing heavy training.

Still, if the beginners find it challenging to find their ideal type of boxing gloves, it will be better if they choose boxing gloves with good padding, which will protect their hands, which is not very expensive.

Boxing gloves with laces or without laces

Boxing gloves with laces give tighter grips to the boxers. It is mainly used by experienced or professionals while boxing. One of the drawbacks of lace boxing gloves is that the trainees might need the help of another person to tie the laces.

On the other hand, gloves without laces or velcro boxing are used mainly by beginners since they can wear them themselves without anyone’s help. Velcro gloves also give a good grip, which is more helpful than lace gloves for beginners.

The best material for boxing gloves

Best boxing gloves are generally made of leather and vinyl. Both materials are long-lasting and comfortable. Vinyl is cheaper as compared to leather. Beginners usually go for vinyl, while professionals choose leather. Leather is mostly more durable as compared to vinyl.


Finally we learn what size boxing gloves are best for training? Before buying best boxing gloves for training, one should consider the price, material, and comfort first. Expensive high-quality gloves can be used once you become a little better in your boxing training.