What size longboard surfboard should I get?


Longboards are generally boards with a large volume. The bulk of a longboard does not have the same impact on performance as that of a shortboard, as a longboard is less sensitive to the rider’s weight. Most longboards will have enough bulk to float the surfer.

Volume is the number of liters in a surfboard, calculated by its total length, width, and thickness. Volume is an advantage of computer-aided shaping.

Volume is the first metric to consider when deciding which size board to buy. This is the starting point once a board model has been chosen. It can be said that this is the most critical data when selecting the size because it will immediately eliminate the wrong sizes. For more experienced long boarders, it is used in the choice of ribs to have a global vision of the model. The volume is indicated in the dimensions of each model of the board.

Use the volume, the type of board, the ribs to know and understand the model’s performance.


This means more volume than your ideal volume. A large book is related to the weight and level of surfing of each surfer.

Surfboards with bulk are easier to ride. Surfers of all skill levels can master aboard at high volume. The board will generate good speed without requiring too much effort, and it will be very stable. Conversely, the board will be less efficient for a technical surfer. You will know if the board is blocking your progress, thanks to the sensations and your experience.

It is up to each surfer to choose which approach to surfing he wishes for and adapt his board’s choice accordingly.


Volume is always relevant for longboards as it allows the surfer to understand the longboard surfboard shape better. Longboards usually have a lot more book than shortboards and are therefore not as sensitive to small changes in volume.

Surfing a longboard is all about varying styles, from performance to pure boarding.

Developing a good knowledge of how a longboard works requires experience and understanding the board’s shape. Volume is an essential part of this understanding, and it will help you choose the right board for you.


  • The shapes to choose from:

When you start, the most important thing is to have a board with maximum volume to gain stability and flotation. Of course, you should not skip the stages. As you progress, you will decrease the size of your boards—no need to worry.

  • Longboards:

These boards offer ease of paddling and bewildering stability. They float without any worries and allow you to take all the soft waves or the first foams with a generous volume. The price is a little higher than a mini malibu since there is more material.


When you have an intermediate level, it is essential to choose your surfboard to meet a few criteria such as: easy to paddle, rapid progress both in reading the wave and in maneuvering.

  • Longboard:Once again, the longboard will allow you to have an effortless glide and to take many waves to progress in your oar and take-off. It’s a board that any self-respecting surfer should have in their quiver.

How to Choose A Surfboard? The Tail

The tail of the board is the rearmost part, and therefore the first thing that will come into contact with the wave. There are many different types of the tail, the most common ones:

  • Square tail: this tail is more suitable for small or not very powerful waves, as its straight cut provides maneuverability while making it less stable.
  • Round tail: its rounded finish provides a better grip on the wave, making it suitable for use in large or medium waves.
  • Swallowtail: the fish or swallowtail provides grip and maneuverability, but its use is limited to small or low power waves.
  • Diamond tail: its shape is designed to gain stability and smoothness when turning, but the performance of this type of tail is very similar to that of a ” squash tail. “
  • Pintail:The sharp angle of this type of tail provides extra grip. Reducing contact with the water loses maneuverability but gains stability, which is why it is the most used in large waves.

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