What summer style trends can you sport with your hat?

Since the end of the Civil War, hats have been making women look beautiful and classic. It is true for western cowboy hats and many other hat designs that we see people wearing each day. From fedoras and plaids to visors and ball caps, women’s hats come in all different shapes, sizes, colors, and materials, so no matter what your personal preference, maybe there’s one out there waiting for you to slip it on! Hats provide women with a way to express their unique style and taste in fashion while maintaining a sense of class and refinement about themselves.

Each summer season brings something new to wear as far as womens straw cowboy hats go. These uniquely designed hats offer protection from the sun’s harmful rays prevalent during the warmer months of the year. Among the many straw cowboy hat designs available for women, there are vintage patterned hats, modern striped hats, and even flowers to go along with them! For those who prefer a more natural look, straw cowboy hats come in earthy tones, including brown, tan, and black, to name a few.

Wear unique hats

The uniquely hand crafted country style men’s straw cowboy hats can make any outfit come alive with color! The sky is truly the limit when designing your western hat because whatever you’re looking for, we are sure to have it here!

In addition to being worn as a fashion statement, women’s straw cowboy hats have been used for many years by cowboys and other types of workers in the agricultural business. The sun can be exceptionally brutal during the height of summer, so don’t forget to protect yourself with one of our high quality men’s straw cowboy hats!

Experiment with styles

You’re not going to find these unique styles at your local department store either because we design or manufacture all our western style straw hats right here in America! So shop around until you find a hat that fits your personality, then place your order today for free shipping anywhere within the United States.

Women’s straw cowboy hats are a great way to stay stylish and beat the heat of summertime at the same time! Whether it’s a sundress, pants, or shorts this summer make sure you’re wearing one of these fantastic American made hats!

Make and craftsmanship

The Panama hat is technically a type of straw hat made in Ecuador, hence the name “Panama,” which was given to them because they were shipped through the port of Panama. The most common styles are either crushable or rigid. Crushable hats can be rolled up and stuffed into a suitcase; rigid ones must be hand-carried. These hats are usually woven by hand on primitive foot looms (though recently, there have been mechanized looms).

A strip of woven grass is cut away from the block as straw continues to be added until it’s about 18 inches wide. Then throughout its length, small round discs made from palm leaf strips called “tillandsia” or “buli” are attached with tiny “caracas” (bundles of a straw). The weaver uses a crochet needle that has a metal point and an eye. The tillandsia or buli discs are then attached to the needle with string and wrapped around the base of the spike.

The opposite end, which was tucked behind the last tillandsia disc while working on it, is now pulled past to attach it securely. When one row is finished, another circular strip of straw is added until there are 8-12 rows in a typical hat.

The craftsmanship involved in these hats cannot be overstated; they can take four to six months to make. Hats made before 1870 were all woven by hand, but machines have since been introduced into production lines. In 1990


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