What to choose: an organized tour Chernobyl or a stalker hike?

An exclusion zone is a place from which people were completely evacuated and a long stay here is prohibited. An exception is the organized tour Chernobyl with a professional guide. Nevertheless, quite a lot of illegal immigrants enter this territory in search of profit or vivid impressions.

Tour Chernobyl: who are stalkers and why is such penetration dangerous?

Stalkers are considered to be people who visit abandoned places. After the explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, all people in the area were evacuated and many buildings were left abandoned. In 2007, the world-famous computer game “S.T.A.L.K.E.R.” was released, which told about the unique world of Chernobyl. This significantly increased the flow of illegal tourists. Today, stalkers in Ukraine are called people who illegally visit the 30-kilometer exclusion zone to get vivid impressions and extreme, but not profit.

Stalkers can cross the area on their own or as part of a small group. Every year, law enforcement agencies register about 300 such penetrations, but eyewitnesses say that there are dozens of times more of them.

An organized tour to Chernobyl Zone allows you to safely visit this unique place without risk to your health. Nature in such places takes its toll – the number of wild animals here cannot be compared with other reserves in Ukraine. In addition, even though the whole territory has managed to be cleared of radiation, there are places where you can receive a lethal dose.

Experienced guides do their best to make the Chernobyl tour an unforgettable adventure for a tourist at the same time as safe as possible.

Why is an organized tour better?

More and more people who have visited the Chernobyl zone agree that buying a tour is a good idea.

Firstly, the Ukraine Chernobyl tour is completely legal. You do not run the risk of being caught and you will not have problems with the law.

Secondly, the tour organizers do everything to make tourists feel as comfortable as possible: all movements around the zone take place in comfortable buses, if the tour is designed for several days, then sleeping places are organized in safe places. Stalkers, in turn, move on foot. Many interesting objects are far from each other, so they have to walk long distances every day with backpacks on their backs, sleep in abandoned houses or open areas, fearing wild animals.

Thirdly, a qualified guide can tell you more about the most interesting places, such as:

  • School;
  • Amusement park;
  • Swimming pool “Azure”;
  • Covered sarcophagus and more.

Chernobyl tours cost is relatively low, but for the money paid you can get maximum comfort, an experienced guide, and complete safety. In addition, during the excursion, you will receive special devices that allow you to measure the level of radiation. This will help you better understand all the processes that are currently taking place in this zone, and also make sure that nothing threatens your health.


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