What to Do if You Are Injured in an Oil Field Accident

Working in an oil field can be a double-edged sword. The remuneration for your services is hefty, especially after a drilling boom. But, you are also susceptible to a myriad of safety hazards.

The worrying thing about an oil field accident is the severity of its effects. The accident will not only leave you with injuries but also mounting personal expenses if you’ve been incapacitated.

Getting compensated for such accidents might also prove stressful if you aren’t familiar with the due process. You have to make adequate preparations to mitigate the effects of accidents in the oil field. This begins by being aware of the possible dangers lurking around so that you can avoid them.

Unfortunately, oil field jobs are dangerous so sometimes accidents are unavoidable. Here’s what you need to do in case you are involved in one.

1. Inform Your Employer

This is the first thing that you should do after getting into an accident. If you fail to do so, you jeopardize your chances of claiming damages from the company. Failure to notify the employer about the accident might lead to the termination of your contract in some cases.

In reporting the accident, be truthful about the events that led to the accident. Be forthright even if you suspect you are to blame for the incident. You should put your report in writing to avert any future disputes about your account.

2. Go For Treatment After Reporting the Oil Field Incident

Getting prompt and quality medical services can reduce the severity of your injuries. Don’t hesitate to ask to be taken to a hospital after reporting the incident. The law mandates employers to ensure their employees receive medical attention for oil field injuries on their sites.

3. Keep the Medical Records and Other Documents as Evidence

The medical records will help in estimating the medical claims that you are rightfully entitled to. Documenting the scene of the accidents via taking photographs with a camera will also come in handy. However, don’t force yourself to take the pictures if your injuries are critical; ask a colleague for help.

4. Enlist the Services of a Personal Injury Lawyer

Your employer will start a formal investigation into the accident immediately after you report it. In the course of the investigation, a claims adjuster would need to interrogate you. Do not accept these interviews before you enlist a personal injury lawyer.

The claims adjuster will always side with your employer to minimize your compensation. The adjuster knows that it’s easier to make you look like the responsible party when they interrogate you in the absence of your lawyer. A lawyer on the other hand will inform you of your rights.

The attorney will make it known to you of the claims options that are available. They’ll help you follow through with the ones that have a higher chance of getting a ruling in your favor. Click on amtzlaw.com to get in touch with a personal injury lawyer today.

Get in Touch with a Personal Injury Lawyer for Expert Assistance

Accidents in the oil field happen so fast. It’s easy to get confused in the ensuing chaos. Report the incident to your supervisor and check into a hospital as your first line of defense.

You should then hire a personal injury lawyer to help you with the recovery process. These lawyers are familiar with all the procedures that will get you compensated after an accident.

Schedule an appointment or retain one of them today to increase your chances of securing the claim you’re entitled to.

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