What to Do in Florida? 7 Ideal Weekend Getaways

Florida is one of the most popular resorts in the United States. Many travelers always associate it with warm beaches, bright sunshine, and amusement parks. And this is absolutely true! 

With its vast coastline and hundreds of entertainment options to suit all tastes, Florida is a great choice for a weekend or even vacation. Whether it’s a family trip, a romantic getaway, or an adventure with friends, you will always find what to do and what to see there. 

Your journey will be even more varied if you rent a car. Among the many categories, Jeep rental Florida is exactly what you need. The powerful SUV will allow you to travel without limits and visit the most hard-to-reach places. 

If you are going to Florida but haven’t yet decided where to spend your time, we have selected some ideal places for you. Choose the ones you like and start planning your trip!

Panama City Beach 

Panama City Beach is located in the north of Florida, but this doesn’t affect the local climate in any way. This place is famous for its hot weather, warm sea and a long line of sandy beaches. Their total length is more than 27 miles. 

Panama City is one of the most popular holiday destinations with excellent infrastructure created for holidaymakers. If you get tired of swimming and sunbathing, you can take your rental car and find some more interesting activities in the area. Go for sport fishing, play golf, visit a water park or an alligator farm – Panama City Beach has a lot to offer.


Naples is a small town on the Gulf Coast. It can’t boast of rich history, so there are no old iconic sights there. Today Naples is considered to be one of the richest cities in the United States. Wealthy Americans prefer to buy their seaside holiday homes there. At the same time, travelers can stay at one of the many coastal hotels. 

The city is famous for its beautiful sandy beach. However, with your rental car, you can also visit the nearby national wildlife sanctuaries. The most popular ones are the Everglades National Park and Big Cypress National Preserve.


Orlando is located in the center of Florida, however, it’s relatively far from the ocean coast. En primer lugar, esta ciudad es famosa por su gran cantidad de parques temáticos, y puede llegar fácilmente a ellos si recoge Orlando alquiler de coches.

The most renowned theme park is Disney World. On its territory, you will find not only hundreds of breathtaking rides but also real fairy-tale castles. On the outskirts of the city is Universal Orlando, dedicated to the film industry. Here you can look at the scenery that was used for the filming of popular movies. 

In Orlando, you’ll also find the alligator park and many water parks and take a fishing charter in Orlando FL. More than 51 million travelers from all over the world visit the city annually.

Fort Lauderdale 

Fort Lauderdale was once considered to be the most visited beach resort in the United States. Today it has lost its former popularity, but it has become famous as the cultural center of Florida. 

It’s located in the south of the state, on the Atlantic coast. The easiest way to get to Fort Lauderdale is to rent a car in Miami, which is 23 miles away. In the United States, this city is invariably called the “Venice of America”. This is due to the extensive canal system that runs throughout Fort Lauderdale.

The city boasts an impressive tourist infrastructure with many hotels, golf courses, marinas, and museums. On the coast, you’ll find a large strip built up with restaurants and cafes.

Clearwater Beach 

Clearwater Beach is a city with a white sandy beach of the same name, separated from the mainland by a water channel. Here you can sunbathe under the scorching sun, go fishing and sailing. In fine weather, swimming with dolphins or kayaking is the best idea. 

On the territory of Clearwater Beach, recreational activities are regularly held. They include training camps, music festivals, or sport fishing competitions. Recently, this resort was named the best beach in Florida.


Stretching along the Atlantic coast, Miami is the largest city located in the southeastern United States. It’s famous for its vivid Latin culture, vibrant nightlife, and is considered to be a major port city. Thus, you can see many cruise ships from all over the world situated along its coast. 

Travelers come there to relax on the local sandy beaches and see the local sights. Miami is a melting pot of different ethnic cultures. By the way, not far from the city is Miami Beach, the popular resort famous for its stunning Art Deco architecture.

Florida Keys 

The Florida Keys are about a 120-miles-long tropical island chain. All of them are located along the Florida Peninsula. Some of the islands are connected to the mainland by bridges, so it will be easy for you to get where you need to by a rental car. 

The Florida Keys are famous for their well-developed tourist infrastructure with all the conditions for a comfortable stay. On the islands, you can go swimming, sunbathing, snorkeling, or diving. In addition, the Florida Keys boast of their extensive botanical gardens, family attractions, and museums. There are several national parks and reserves on the territory of the islands.


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