What to do next after the 12th in the commerce stream?

If you are a student and pass the exam Intermediate in commerce, then a question arises as to in which field we can enroll ourselves. First, congratulations to you if you choose commerce for intermediate education. Commerce has excellent opportunities for incoming students.

Commerce deals with the selling and buying of things on a large scale which can term as a trade on a larger scale. There are many vast opportunities in this field you can choose anyone after reading the article in detail.

But, here one thing is clear, the scope is not present in the field. A student is a base who developed the scope of the field It’s wrong if you choose the field by seeing its opportunities and income of little people who are present at the top.

  • Association of Charted certified accountant (ACCA)

Association of a chartered certified accountant is a degree that you can do after passing your 12th grade. This is the high-paying field among some of the fields. But doing this degree is not easy you have to prepare yourself properly to pass your test on the first attempt. One of the major benefits of passing ACCA is if you pass it, you can grab a job in any part of the world. You can prepare for the ACCA from any part of the world such as the preparation academic for ACCA in Dubai, America, Canada, China, India, and much more.

  • Bachelor of the business administration (BBA)

In business administration, a bachelor’s degree is known as the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). The degree in the United States is conferred after four years of studying full-time in one or more areas of business concentration. The degree is awarded after three years of full-time study in one or more fields of business concentration.

BBA programs typically include general business courses and courses specific to a particular concentration. After doing the degree of BBA, you can handle all the projects related to the business.

  •  Business economics

Almost all of a manager’s or establishment’s problems can be covered by Business Economics. Business Economics has a wide range of applications. Because firms can face internal/operational, external, and/or environmental issues, there are a variety of economic theories that apply. Macroeconomics is used to solve external or environmental problems, whereas microeconomics deals with internal or operational issues.

  1.  Insurance and risk management 

Nobody can control the risk and management in life, therefore, doing a degree in Insurance and risk management program is a great benefit for you in the upcoming future.

As you know, with incoming age the risk of the difficulties are increasing day by day so doing this degree will help you a lot. By doing this degree you can hold your job in the bank, Government sector, organizations, brokerage houses, and trading companies that are operated online.

  • Public administration

In the public and private sectors, public administration offers many growth opportunities. There are many subspecialties in this field, such as human resource management, financial management, and research analysis, etc. Until now, this field has been undervalued, but now it is being recognized for its importance.

Human resources are the most valuable assets of any company. Professionals and dedicated programs can help develop and improve their potential. Most careers in public administration begin with human resources jobs in government or non-government organizations.

  •  Accounting 

Accounting covers a broad range of activities including business, trade, government, financial institutions, individuals and families, and everything else. Accounting applies at every point of the process.

Many people believe the accounting scope of a business concern is limited to financial transactions but not right! Individuals and families need to keep track of their finances to succeed in business.

 Last but not least

Instead of these fields, there is also a bulk of commerce carrier that can provide you a huge benefit in the incoming life such as sales and marketing, tour management, quality management, banking marketing, applied management, and digital marketing. 

But, if you pass the 12th grade and now looking for further and your queries are not compensated in this article you can ask us here!


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