What To Expect From Amazon Prime Day 2021

One of the most exciting days of shopping outside of Black Friday is none other than Amazon Prime Day. Amazon Prime Day is an online shopping event, where Amazon Prime Members have 48 hours to indulge in discounted offers across the entire site. No matter what your interest is, there will be a number of tremendous mark downs that will be hard to pass up. Not only will the entire site have markdowns for certain items, Prime members will also be able to enjoy free shipping, no matter what they buy or how much they buy. So what are some deals that shoppers can expect this year? We list a few items that may appear in the list of deals below.

L.O.L. Surprise! Amazing Surprise with 14 Dolls and 70& Surprises

For the kid who loves fashion, L.O.L. Surprise Amazing Surprise with 14 dolls & 70+ surprises is an Amazon Prime Day steal. Kids can unbox over 70 different fashion experiences. Included with 2 different fashion store playsets, are maze boxes that can be put together to create a miniscape. It will also have three boy dolls, 4 pets, and 2 lils. Children ages three and up can spend hours enjoying themselves. 

Disney Deals

For kids and adults of all ages Disney is always a favorite. There are a few hot Disney items on the market that could possibly make an appearance in the Prime Day Deals this year.

Toy Story 4 Mini 5-Pack of Characters

Jessie, Woody, Trixy, and Forky, and Buzz are Toy Story favorites kids can’t get enough of. With these figurines that can take these beloved Toy Story 4 characters everywhere that they go. This can be a great gift idea for a child ages three and up or they can be a part of a Toy Story collection.

Osmo 5-11 Super Studio Disney Frozen 2 Starter Kit

Frozen still remains a dominant favorite amongst the Disney princess films. With this item Frozen fans can recreate their favorite scenes of Elsa and Anna and Olaf on this artistic starter kit. Designed for the iPad, kids can work on their drawing skills and have fun bringing their creative imagination to life. Designed for kids beginning at the age of 5 kids can enjoy this toy for many years to come.

LEGO Star Wars Poe Dameron’s X-Wing Fighter Builder Set

What better blend than two classic favorites LEGO and Star Wars. This building set suitable for ages nine and up has three minifigures of characters Poe Dameron, Knight of Ren and Jannah. Kids can build the classic starfighter but they can also role play amongst friends recreating The Rise of Skywalker. This toy not only offers endless playtime but inspires imagination and focus, perfect for a gift for any occasion.

Lego Classic Large Creative Brick Box

Staying in the lane of Legos, younger children have the opportunity to get an introduction of the iconic brand as well. This bumper box includes 800 bricks that come in a display of 33 different colors. It also comes with special pieces such as windows, tires, or eyes, to encourage hours of imaginative expression.

GKTZ Kids Digital Cameras

For the future influencer, Amazon has a kid-friendly digital camera that may be amongst the list of Prime Deals. Although for kids this is an actual camera that captures photos, videos, and voice recordings. To practice and learn while having fun it also comes with puzzles, games, filters, and frames.

Barbie Pet Supply Store

Forever a popular item on a toy list, Barbie is highly likely to make an appearance on Amazon Prime Day. With this Barbie boutique playset for pets allows kids to enjoy hours of imagination. The boutique playset comes with 20 themed play pieces and has a color change feature that changes from clean to dirty after washing the pet. Kids can also groom and play with the pet. because the boutique comes with a kennel, toys, and pet food.


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