What to give a child for his birthday?

Parents know that a birthday is one of the most favorite holidays of a child. On this day, he expects something unusual, fabulous, and memorable. And, of course, you, as parents, want to organize this holiday in an unforgettable way, so that the child could be happy for a long time and enjoy the emotions and atmosphere received.

The child’s birthday is very soon, and you don’t know what to give him? We offer options and ideas of surprises that your child will be delighted with.

Top 24 gifts for a child’s birthday

1. Flexible puzzle mat

This is a functional product that is designed for the development and games of children at almost any age.

2. Playpen crib for small children

Your child can have a fun and interesting time playing games, and then sleep sweetly and comfortably. If you want to go to nature or on a trip, then this is a good gift, since the playpen – the bed is easy to assemble and disassemble.

3. A pillow

If your child is a fan of watching cartoons, then he will love the idea with a super soft and relaxing pillow. Present him a branded pillow in the form of cartoon characters and your child will be happy.

4. Magnetic constructor

This is a constructor with parts held together by magnets that don’t fall apart at the slightest touch. The constructor develops fantasy and spatial imagination. Using it, you can also teach a child counting, shapes, and colors.

5. Electric railway with remote control

The train runs on batteries, and it is controlled by remote control. In addition to the locomotive, there are several passenger cars. Depending on the model of the train, the cars can glow when driving and make realistic sounds.

6. Kite

This is an aircraft that is held by a rope and flies due to the force of the wind.

7. A globe with a luminous starry sky

It will serve not only as a means of entertaining the child, but also as a night light, so the children will fall asleep with a view of the starry sky.

8. Inflatable pool

With the onset of the summer heat, you constantly want to plunge into the water. If you don’t have the opportunity to go to the lake or the sea, then an inflatable pool is the best option. The water heats up very quickly, and the sides are soft so that children will not get injured. And thanks to the wide selection of pools, you can find the optimal model for children of different ages and hobbies.

9. A pen with disappearing ink from paper

A gift with a bit of magic. Just make sure that the child does not fake grades!

10. Gun for virtual games

Awesome gift for the avid gamer-shooter!

11. Glowing helicopter drone

This is a small helicopter with a glowing ball. It flies around the room, but thanks to the infrared sensor, it doesn’t crash into your walls and furniture, so it is safe entertainment for the child.

12. Xiaomi programmable robot

This educational gadget is suitable not only for children but also for adults. With it, you can learn about robotics and how everything works.

13. Tricycle

If you want your child to move more and not hang out in games, then give him a tricycle.

14. Painting for drawing by numbers

So you can attract a child to art.

15. Children’s guitar or synthesizer

This will allow the child to develop musical abilities.

16. Children’s chess

With their help, children will be able to train their memory and develop logical thinking.

17. A table for sand drawings

Your child will be delighted to see such a gift. Perfect for imagination development.

18. A learning table

A table with colorful buttons and children’s songs will add bright moments in the knowledge of the surrounding world.

19. Sets of thematic puzzles.

It is necessary to take into account the age characteristics of the child and buy puzzles in accordance with this. They develop fine motor skills and creative thinking in children.

20. Sports corner

Install rings, ropes, horizontal bars for the child and he will improve his physical skills.

21. A radio-controlled racing car

Who doesn’t love racing? Such people simply don’t exist. We think your husband will be stuck to it too!

22. Custom dog pillow

Funny pillow toys not only transform the interior but also help to relieve stress and cheer kids up.

23. Toy household appliances

In the process of playing with children’s equipment, the child acquires knowledge and everyday experience. In addition, it promotes the development of fine motor skills of the hands, memory training, attention, logical thinking, and teaches accuracy.

24. Tolocar for young children

Raising future drivers from an early age!

Final thoughts

Children are a clean slate. They openly talk about their desires until they reach the age when it’s time to go to school. But if the child hasn’t yet openly stated what he wants, watch him in the store, see what he is interested in – what blogs he watches, what he talks about with friends.

Talk to the rest of the family. Find out what the child likes to talk about, what excites him, what interests he has. Loved ones can sometimes see things that others don’t notice.

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