What to Know about Halton

When you talk to anyone who currently lives or has lived in Halton, Ontario, they’re most likely going to tell you they love it, as it has plenty to do, nice neighborhoods for old and young alike, and is close enough to nature for all the outdoors people who come here.

It’s no wonder so many Canadians and others look for Halton real estate pretty much on a constant basis.

But a question to ask yourself is this: why should you yourself move to Halton? What’s in it for you? What does this area have to offer? Let’s find out. Here are three things to know about moving to Halton.

Halton Is Not a City

First off, you should know that Halton is not a city in Canada. It’s what is called a regional municipality, and it’s located in southern Ontario on what is called the Golden Horseshoe. It’s just a small, curved area of land on the western shores of Lake Ontario, so it’s really not far from U.S. territory.

The Regional Municipality of Halton is composed of the distinct urban centers of Burlington, Oakville, Milton, and Halton Hills. So, when you tell people you’re moving to Halton, you’re referring to a region rather than a specific city or town.

Halton Has Plenty of Nature

Despite Halton being a center of urban life, you’re never too far from nature. You can head to the Brant Street Pier in downtown Burlington to get some gorgeous views of Lake Ontario. Or you can head to Oakville to spend some time on the beautifully manicured green lawns of the Glen Abbey Golf Club.

And, perhaps best of all, you can get over to Oakville’s Bronte Creek Provincial Park and enjoy the 6.4 square kilometers of lush grounds. You can walk the trails (or ride a bike, or run), ski the slopes, and swim in the pool during the summer.

Whatever you want to do in nature, Halton has plenty of it, so get out there and enjoy it.

Halton Has High Incomes

Since the mid-2000s, it’s no lie that Halton has lost a lot of jobs in manufacturing, but, fortunately, the region’s incomes keep going up. In the late 2010s, Halton’s average income has risen 4.2% to reach $103,000. That figure ranks Halton first in incomes in all of Ontario.

Oakville specifically had the highest average incomes in Halton at about $110,000, followed by Halton Hills at about $105,000.

Jobs in Halton are based primarily around food service, finance, life sciences, and professional services. If you can land a good job anywhere in Halton, you’re basically be set.

All of this is to say that Halton is one of the best regions you can move to in Canada. If you’ve been checking out real estate there and are still on the fence, rest assured that you’ll be happy in any of Halton’s towns.


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