What to Look for in a Perfect Combi Oven

Kitchen life can be challenging. So, whether you own a restaurant, a school canteen, or any food business, you would need high-quality and reliable kitchen appliances that would work just as hard as you.

There are many types of kitchen appliances readily available in the market. And no matter what food you make, investing in a powerful kitchen machine such as a combi oven would be a wise choice. However, not all combi ovens are created equal.

Consider its size and capacity

Combi ovens are great kitchen machines known for their versatility and durability. However, before buying yourself one, you should consider its capacity and size. Keep in mind that one combination oven cannot execute two tasks simultaneously. Below are three standard combination oven sizes.

  • Mini: When used correctly, no one can ever underestimate the impact these tiny ovens make. These ovens commonly have six shelves and can hold between three to five pans.

However, if you plan to use your oven for two different functions simultaneously, you might want to opt for two units piled on top of one another. Otherwise, you might end up buying one unit with too many high hopes for a single unit of combination oven.

  • Tabletop: If you have a relatively small space, then a tabletop is an excellent choice for small businesses or lower volume operations.

For instance, food trucks and fast-food restaurants can maximise the use of this combination oven as a unit can contain full-sized hotel pans or six to twelve sheet pans.

  • Floor models: If you have a larger kitchen space that heavily relies on heavy-duty and high-quality product preparation, you will need floor models. For example, a premium-quality floor model combination oven has at least 20 shelves that can contain up to 40 hotel pans or 20 full-sized sheet pans.

Consider its power source

The availability and utility price are essential factors to consider when deciding on the right combination oven for your kitchen. Electric units are typically less expensive than their gas counterparts. So, if that is a determining factor for you, then you might want to stick with electric combination ovens.

On the other hand, a gas combination oven might be more suitable for you if you prefer open burner units as they can immediately transmit energy and heat. Additionally, units produced by reputable manufacturers are currently more efficient than their top-of-the-line electric counterparts.

Choose between a boiler and a boilerless combi oven

A boiler or steam generation unit utilises a tank to heat large quantities of water and then creates steam which is then infiltrated into an oven.

On the other hand, a boilerless unit is best for soft water as it directly pumps water into the heating element. Although steamed-generated units are prevalent in Europe, they are becoming less typical in America because of challenging water conditions and high maintenance needed for a boilerless unit.

In a nutshell, combi ovens combine three cooking methods in one powerful kitchen machine. This reliable kitchen appliance offers you several advantages, such as giving you the ability to efficiently bake bread, cook fish, or even roast meat, to name a few. However, because not all combi ovens are created equal, you must remember to consider their capacity, power source and choose between a boiler and boilerless unit.


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