What Trading Bonuses Do Reputable Brokers Like FBS Offer?

Using bonuses, traders can make deals without the risk of losing funds. Almost all online brokers propose incentives to their clients. However, experts recommend claiming encouragements at reliable brokerage platforms only. For instance, experienced traders praise fbs.com for its smooth operations, fairness, and a long list of attractive gifts. So, let’s view the most widespread types of trading encouragements in the example of FBS bonus programs.

Traditional Promotions for Investors

Initially, encouragements for account replenishments should be noted. This FBS bonus offers you +100% of the deposits you perform. Thus, investors may double their top-up amount within this promotion. The encouragement has the following conditions:

  • unlimited promotion period;
  • absence of limits for bonus trading period;
  • unlimited profit that can be obtained when using the specified incentive.

You may claim the mentioned FBS bonus just by making a request. The encouragement is credited automatically.

How to receive Cashback

This promotion enables you to get money for making deals actively. FBS.Com offers investors up to $15/lot as a part of this encouragement. You may activate this bonus anytime without passing any specific requirements. Moreover, the described incentive is given to traders as real money. So, investors may withdraw bonus funds after they are credited.


Furthermore, you can claim another cashback for FBS Trader users. To get the gift, install the mentioned trading application. Next, you should activate the specified FBS bonus and obtain cashback for making deals. Investors may receive up to 20% of the spread as a part of this promo.

Increased Leverage Promotion

This FBS bonus is available only to those having Zero Spread or Standard profiles. Such investors can claim the possibility of using a 1:3000 leverage. Thus, if traders deposit $100, they may trade like having $300,000. This can essentially raise your revenue.

What Should You Know About the FBS Loyalty Program?


As a part of this promotion, the broker gives you Prize and Status points. The latter may be obtained by increasing replenishment amounts or raising incomes from partnership promotions. You can get the following number of Status points for deposit/partner’s turnover:

  • 0 points (Green Level) – $0/0;
  • 300 credits (Silver Status) – $15,000/40,000;
  • 1,000 points (Gold Level) – $250,000/300,000;
  • 3,000 scores (Platinum Status) – $500,000/1,000,000.

You can obtain Prize points when trading intensively. Depending on an investor’s status, these scores may be exchanged for valuable gifts. So, you can get the following presents using Prize points:

  • Green Status – cash, VPS servers, private coaching sessions, and branded merch;
  • Silver Level – smartphones, tablets, advanced customer support, as well as enhanced priority deposits/withdrawals;
  • Gold Status – notebooks, monoblocks, and personal manager service;
  • Platinum Level – exclusive New Year presents as well as Birthday gifts.

To become the mentioned loyalty promotion participant, you should confirm your email and pass the verification process.

What FBS Bonuses Are Available Within Trading Competitions?

The described brokerage platform regularly offers to participate in exciting contests. Among the most popular tournaments, investors highlight the FBS league. This promotion has the following conditions:

  1. Create a demo contest profile and receive $10,000 in it. Single traders and trading teams may participate in the specified competition.
  2. Make deals actively to hit the top five profitable investors.
  3. Win from $50…450 as a single trader or $150…900 as a trading team. In the latter case, prizes are divided equally among the team members.

Also, FBS.Com proposes birthday tournaments every year. You can get gadgets, laptops, and even luxury cars as a part of such promotions.

Bottom Line

Trading promotions allow getting extra funds for making deals without any risks. Such encouragements may help beginners not to go broke shortly. Proficient investors, in turn, can, for instance, test new trading strategies using incentives. Experts recommend claiming bonuses at reputable brokerage sites (like fbs.com). This will help you avoid cooperation with scammers.


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