What Type of Car You Should Drive Based on Your Zodiac Sign






Do you check your horoscope? Most people can’t help but be curious, even if they’re not entirely convinced that zodiac signs are legitimate. If nothing else, it’s hard to avoid the horoscopes listed in every magazine, newspaper, and website. 

For those who do believe in it, though, your zodiac sign tells you more than what constellations indicate could happen today. To believers, astrology helps explain everything from your zodiac energies to the type of car you should drive. In terms of the latter, you may even use your sun sign to help determine what sort of car you should choose from the start. Consider these particular makes and models or use it as a starting point for a unique choice—whether you’re buying a brand-new car or seeking a used motorcycle for sale, you’ll find the right fit as it’s written in the stars.


It’s no surprise that a bold Aries has lots of personality. Naturally, that same impact has to shine through in their vehicle of choice. So, naturally, their ideal car should be flashy, like an Audi R8. 


For a Taurus, there are few things as appealing as a soothing bit of relaxation. Why not extend that into a soothing, serene car ride? A quiet option like the Toyota Prius can help make that dream a reality. 


Gemini is a busy bee, constantly on the go. They need a vehicle that can keep up with their hectic schedules, like the Honda CRV. Between the cargo space and the gas mileage, there’s a lot to love for this celestial twin. 


With one of the most intuitive infotainment systems on the market, the Chrysler Pacifica is a car practically made for a Cancer. Like the zodiac’s crab can flit between the mundane and the ethereal, the Pacifica offers a hybrid model that will be ready to appeal to this fluid sign. 


Have a Range Rover? You might just be a Leo. This sign will show off whenever given the chance, and their car is no exception. When you pull up in a Range Rover, heads will turn—and that’s just what a Leo is looking for. 


A Virgo is famously down-to-earth, and so is their car. Try a Toyota Camry for a car that’s as grounded as you are.


Like their symbol of scales, Libras thrive on balance and symmetry. Turn to the Porsche 911 for a car that fulfills that urge while playing to this sign’s romantic side. 


If you’ve ever met a Scorpio sun, you’re well-aware of their undeniable power. Of course, their car should emanate that same strong energy—a Bugatti Chiron is a great fit for just that, with some of the greatest horsepower you’ll find. 


Just like a Sagittarius’ arrow, their car should be ready to shoot across the sky at the drop of a hat. This makes a Ferrari LaFerrari—one of the fastest cars on the market—a perfect fit.


Of course, an ambitious Cap needs a car that shows off their success. Try a Lexus ES, one of the most eye-catching cars you’ll come across. 


A humanitarian Aquarius wants their car to be an ethical one, so they must look for a company with strong values. Volvo was named the World’s Most Ethical Company in 2018, and a Volvo Recharge will offer an eco-friendly boost to boot. 


It should come as no surprise that the emotionally fluid Pisces will thrive on one of the best hybrid models on the market. Try a Honda Accord as just one potential Pisces-friendly option. 

When it comes to choosing a new car, you probably don’t think of your star sign first and foremost. Nevertheless, you might find you get the best fit you can imagine by getting a car that plays on your zodiac traits—or it will, at the very least, give you an excellent starting point for your shopping experience. 

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