What types of Sarees are mostly worn by Indian Women?

Although all Indian apparel is beautiful, nothing compares to the magnificence of a Saree! Saree is the embodiment of elegance and charm for Indian ladies, and she is stunning everywhere she goes. The world’s first cotton textiles were created in Bangladesh, namely in Dhaka, the country’s capital. This raw material has been utilized for about 7,000 years, according to some Indian historical sources. Until it reaches the hands of the craftsmen, all labor begins with the care, talent, and expertise of each farmer.


It is an important part of every Indian woman’s outfit. The Saree is a long piece of cloth that women wrap around their bodies in various ways and wear with a shirt underneath. It comes in sizes ranging from 6 to 7 meters, can be embroidered or plain, and is appropriate for almost any event. It is distinguished by the type of cloth used.

Gold threads adorn the Saree

The Saree is constructed using cloth and gold thread for special events such as weddings. It was once customary for Kanjeevaram Sarees to have at least 50% silver and over 0.5 percent gold, as specified by the GI mark. The Tamil Nadu government has eased the laws for the benefit of the weavers, lowering the weight limit to 40% silver and 0.3 percent gold every Saree. As a result, a standard Kanjeevaram Saree is no longer as sumptuous as one manufactured, say, a decade ago.

Saree made of Silk

Sarees made of silk are linked to “elegant looks” apparel. Because silk is hypoallergenic, it is an excellent fabric for people who suffer from asthma, allergies, or sensitive skin. Silk is allergenic to a small fraction of the population. Silk naturally repels some of the world’s most prevalent allergens, including dust mites and mold, which can help people manage their sensitivity.

Georgette Saree

During this wedding season’s online shopping for women, keep an eye out for georgette Sarees. You may liven up your bridal look with these Sarees. The traditional, heavy-duty Sarees are avoided by most brides since they are difficult to walk in. Because these Sarees are light, they are now fashionable.

Net Sarees

These days, net Sarees are quite popular for weddings. For some years, women have preferred them for weddings. The net-Saree-fever has afflicted even fashion designers. Net Sarees with Swarovski crystals, Zari work, and embroidered borders are available on a few Indian online shopping sites.

Sarees made of Cotton

Those made of cotton are more commonly worn in the summer, while those made of simpler textiles are more commonly worn at home. When it comes to textures and comfort, cotton is always the favored fabric. However, girls and women nowadays have a preconception of cotton sarees as being unfashionable or as apparel that adds years to their age, and hence avoid them. However, stereotypes are steadily changing as fashionable saree manufacturers such as TextileMegaStore provide such beautiful cotton sarees online.

Lehenga Sarees

Since the introduction of the basic Lehenga Choli, India’s ethnic clothing industry has come a long way. Designers nowadays have created a Saree-Lehenga hybrid. These dresses are particularly popular among brides since they combine simplicity with trendiness.

The Sarees Online, despite its appearance, is an extremely adaptable garment, so much so that it is typical to see women wearing it to do work and housekeeping.


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