What Will Electricity Generation Look Like in 2030?

More than half of all new electricity generation in the United States comes from solar power. But solar power is not just growing fast, it has already grown large. There is now enough solar power capacity in the United States to power more than 18 million homes

At the end of the day, renewable energy has to be the future. Some people disagree about how long non-renewable energy sources will last, but nobody disagrees that they will eventually run out. Sooner or later, the future of electricity will be renewable energy.

The question is, will that renewable energy take the shape of wind, hydroelectric, or solar power? If we can make the technology work, solar power is the best solution.

Read on to learn all about the benefits of solar power and how it could change the world! 

The Future of the Electric Grid

The sun pours an incredible quantity of energy into outer space. Only a tiny fraction of that energy lands on the planet Earth. But even that tiny fraction is responsible for all life on Earth and for the global temperature.

In fact, so much solar energy lands on Earth every day that we could power our entire civilization many times over using only solar energy! Some people think of solar power as a new energy technology and the future of electricity generation, but in a certain sense, solar power is the oldest energy technology on the planet!

Solar panels are getting more and more efficient. They can now capture about 15% of the solar energy that falls on them. As that number continues to climb, people will begin to realize that free solar energy is falling all around them all the time. Not only is solar energy already the fastest growing renewable energy source, but it is the future of electrical industry production. 

For some people, it is already the right time to enjoy the benefits of solar power, while for others that time will come later. But the prospect of lowered energy bills and constant electrical access will eventually bring that time to everyone.

The Power of Batteries

Most solar power systems are a combination of electricity generators and batteries. The inclusion of batteries allows users to enjoy much more reliable power. Nobody likes power outages, and they are an unfortunate inevitability in systems that don’t always have extra energy stored in batteries.

Follow this link to learn more about all of the world’s new electrical technologies, and the benefits of solar energy.

The Exciting Future of Electricity

We hope that you were able to learn something new about the future of electricity. In some ways, solar energy is the future, but in other ways, it is already the present. As more and more people enjoy the benefits of solar power, we will enjoy lower energy costs and a healthy relationship with the environment.

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