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Recently there has been a huge advancement in the technology around devices that can be used for vaping. One of those devices is the electronic hookah head (e-hookah head), a chamber that can be easily attached to a hookah. It comes with an e-liquid tank, a battery, and a coil for heating the e-liquid. Once connected to the hookah, it completes the system and becomes ready to use. 

E-hookah devices come in different forms and every type is used differently. You can buy a disposable hookah pen, a rechargeable hookah, an electronic hookah head or a refillable hookah. Many people that are switching to using an e-hookah brand are either doing so to quit smoking or make a switch from using a traditional shisha vape. 

Traditional hookah bowls are good but they require a lot of maintenance. You have to pack the hookah bowl which gets you all sticky, you might get a paper cut while closing the bowl—and after smoking, you have to clean the bowl. An e-hookah head will save you all these hassles. 

What is an e-hookah head?

An e-hookah head is a vaping device that resembles a vape mod but provides an even better vaping experience—one that is similar to that of a hookah smoking session. Its functionality is similar to that of the traditional hookah only that instead of the bowl it has a head. It is in the head that you fill with the e-liquid of your choice. 

The rest of the e-hookah system is just like the traditional hookah with the e-liquid vapour having to pass through a narguile and water. It does not require a lot of effort to prepare as all you have to do is fill the hookah head with vape juice. You can then pass the hose around and enjoy your session with friends. You can buy an e hookah head from ePuffer, the world’s most reputable manufacturer of vape devices. 

Various e-liquid flavours used in e-hookah head

e-hookah heads are not limited to a single choice of e-liquid flavours but rather a wide range of options. You can decide to use one which is tobacco flavoured or one completely without any tobacco flavour but your experience will still be as great as a shisha vape. Other top e-liquid flavours you can find include apple, passion fruit, mojito, strawberry, vanilla and so many more. 

You also have the option of choosing an e-liquid with or without nicotine. The vape juices with nicotine also are available of different nicotine levels. Most of the e-hookah e-liquid sellers have created fantastic vape juices that are fruit-flavoured. If you want a great e-hookah experience you should try all the flavours. 

Where can you buy an e-hookah head?

Before buying an electronic hookah head, you should first go through the leading hookah pen website and others to check the electronic hookah pen price on each of them. There are several dealers to be found online but not all of them can be relied upon. e-Puffer is one of the top dealers where you can buy various hookah head devices, and vape juices amongst a variety of other vaping devices. 

Make sure you do adequate research, check the features the e-hookah heads come with and check the prices too. Buy your e-hookah head and enjoy a hassle-free hookah smoking session with your friends. 

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