What’s the Best Crypto for a Beginner?

The world of cryptocurrency can seem incredibly overwhelming for someone who is new to the space. With so many different digital currencies, tokens, and altcoins existing, it’s natural to feel a bit confused about where to begin. In this article, we’ll be exploring some of the most common questions that beginner crypto enthusiasts may have, including what the best cryptocurrency for a beginner is and why that is. We also explore some other great options if you’re just getting started with trading and investing in digital assets.

How to choose a cryptocurrency for a beginner?

First and foremost, it’s important to note that there is no ‘best cryptocurrency’ that works for everyone. This is because every individual has different needs, goals, and risk tolerances when it comes to investing in cryptocurrency. An intuitive and adaptable trading platform such as BitAlpha AI can help you choose what coins fit your needs the best.While one cryptocurrency may be a good fit for someone else, it may not be the best choice for you. That being said, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing your first cryptocurrency. These include: 

  • The purpose of the coin: What is the coin supposed to be used for? 
  • The coin’s industry: How does this coin fit into the current landscape of the crypto industry? 
  • Potential growth: How could this coin potentially grow in value in the future? 
  • Liquidity: Can you easily buy and sell this coin? How much potential is there to sell it quickly? 
  • Risk vs. reward: What is the potential risk of investing in this coin compared to the potential reward? 
  • Your risk tolerance: How much are you able to risk on your investment, given other investments you have or will have in the future?

What’s the best cryptocurrency to invest in?

The ‘best cryptocurrency’ for you to invest in will largely depend on your own unique situation and goals for investing in crypto. While one coin may give you a significant return on investment in a short amount of time, another may have a slower but steady growth trajectory that allows you to generate more long-term gains. 

Similarly, one coin’s price may fluctuate greatly over a short period of time, while another’s price may be more stable. This can be partially attributed to the coin’s industry and demand, as well as the potential growth of the coin. In order to determine which cryptocurrency is the best to invest in, you’ll need to consider your goals and risk tolerance, as well as how each coin stacks up against the others in terms of potential growth and risk.

Which is the best cryptocurrency to begin with?

This will once again depend on your own situation. As with the previous question, every individual is different and has different goals, needs, and risk tolerances when it comes to investing in cryptocurrency. While one person may choose to begin their crypto journey with Bitcoin, another may decide to start with Ethereum. If you’re just starting out, it may be a good idea to begin with Ethereum due to its lower cost of entry (more on this below). However, if you have a significant amount of capital to invest in cryptocurrency, it may be a good idea to start with Bitcoin.

A Guide to Common Crypto Terms for Beginners

We’re going to take a quick look at some of the most common terms you’ll see in the cryptocurrency world for beginners. This will help you get familiar with some of the terminology and more in-depth aspects of the industry. 


An altcoin is simply a digital token that isn’t Bitcoin. It can be any type of cryptocurrency, but it’s just another term for non-bitcoin tokens. In the past, the term “altcoin” was used to refer to any token that wasn’t Bitcoin, but that’s no longer the case — it’s simply a more general term for any non-Bitcoin cryptocurrency. 


An Initial Coin Offering (or ICO) is a type of crowdfunding that’s used to raise funds for new cryptocurrencies. ICOs are typically associated with tokens (like Ethereum or NEO) and not the more well-known coins (like Bitcoin or Litecoin). 


FOMO stands for the “fear of missing out.” This refers to the anxiety you may feel when you see the rapid growth of a coin’s price and you don’t buy in. FOMO can be a good thing because it can help you recognize when a coin is rising in value, but it can also be a bad thing because it can lead you to make the impulsive decision to buy in at any price. 

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