What’s the best homemade drain cleaner? – Understand Your Options for Blocked Drain Sydney

The clogged drains in the house can pose a big problem for the homeowners but people may like to know that various DIY cleaners are available right at home to handle the situation. Dirty water backing up in the sink is a bad sight, besides being quite embarrassing. There is no need to use harsh chemicals because non-toxic options are available with ease. Here are some options to make the home clean and toxin-free while dealing with clogged drains effectively. Go green with these fantastic options available right at home. 

Hot water and dish soap combination 

Boil water amounts of two liters and mix some tablespoons of dish soap to create a solution. Use this mixture to pour in the sink and this method though effective may require multiple tries. Just think that by using this solution you are doing your bit for the environment. This mixture works wonders for removing grease and deal with clogs. It heats the grease to form liquid and it travels via the pipes to remove the clog satisfactorily. 

Use coat hangers 

Here too, you are using products available right at home to remove the clogs. The coat hanger made with wire material is an effective tool for this purpose. To use this, straighten up the hanger but do not use the hook, let it be. Use this hook part to fish into the drain for pulling out hair or food build-up that clogs the passageway. Remove most of the gunk causing the problem and then pour down hot water to effectively removing the problem. Those looking for an answer to the question, ‘what’s the best homemade drain cleaner?’ will find this a satisfactory option.

Vinegar and baking soda combination 

This is another useful, natural option available to the users. For this, first, clear the region around the sink and then put baking soda, half cup down this followed by another half cup vinegar and the combination of these two works as a charm. After this, simply plug the drain and allow this to remain in place for one hour to get the best results. Now, the plumber Sydney wants you to pour boiling water through the drain to remove the gunk successfully. You should keep on pouring the water until this clears thoroughly. 

Vinegar, borax, and salt solution 

This combination works like a charm as well and is a good natural drain cleaner to use in your home. First, use a quarter cup salt and equal amounts of Borax to combine with half cup vinegar. Use boiling water for adding to this and this creates a cleaning mixture to clear the drains just like magic. This should remain in place for one hour at least to make remove the clog. Use hot water finally to make the drain work without hindrance. 

Salt and baking soda 

A blocked drain Sydney should not prove to be a big worry provided you know how to use the household products. This includes a mixture of baking soda and salt for purpose. 


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