When Should I Call a Gas Fitter?

Gas has become essential for most households, with over 60% of Australian homes using different types of gas in their heating system and cooking. As this number continues to rise, so does the need for gas fitters. Not sure who a gas fitter is and if they are the right fit for your home needs? This article will help you clarify the basic information about gas fitters to help you decide if they are the ones you need to contact.

What is Gas Fitting, and Who Performs it?

Gas fitting is the installation, repair, removal, or modification of gas appliances. It is performed by a gas fitter, who is also called a gas plumber, as they, like plumbers, work with enclosed pipe systems. Gas fitting involves the physical work of fixing gas installations and the ability to understand how each gas system works and troubleshoot problems in a customer’s home.

Gas fitters should be able to work well under pressure, as they often find themselves having to address gas leaks and other gas-related emergencies that may arise. The years they spend in training and apprenticeship.

How are Gas Fitters Different from Plumbers?

A qualified gas fitter will help repair your gas fixtures and appliances, while plumbers work only to install and repair your water pipe systems. Sometimes, plumbers become licensed gas fitters by getting trained in gas fitting. However, it is essential to note that not all plumbers are also certified gas fitters. Hence, if you ever need a gas fitter and are considering hiring a plumber you already know, ensure they are also licensed as gas fitters before enlisting their help.

Tasks Undertaken by a Gas Fitter

Gas fitters perform various jobs that come with installing and maintaining gas fixtures.

  • Read and interpret gas system designs and building plans
  • Connection and conversion of gas
  • Gas appliance repairs
  • Installation of gas detection systems
  • Servicing and adjustment of gas-fuelled appliances
  • Installation of a gas hot water system
  • Install gas fixtures like gas meters, pipes, bayonets, heaters, stovetops and fireplaces.
  • Gas lean repair and testing
  • Installation of LPG systems in boats
  • Maintain gas systems by performing periodic checks and maintenance practices
  • Fix gas leaks
  • Gas compliance certification

In a Nutshell

One would say gas fitting is a delicate job as gas fitters can’t afford to make mistakes while delivering their responsibilities. As a property owner, it is up to you to verify that the gas fitter you employ to install, repair or maintain your gas fixtures is licensed and well-experienced. Don’t hesitate to ask a gas fitter you are looking to hire for a gas job questions that can help you determine if they are the right fit. Also, do your best to ensure you handle your gas appliances correctly. Whatever you don’t have the expertise to do, remember to enlist the help of a professional rather than DIY it.


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