Where can you practice shooting in Cracow?






Shooting can be a brilliant way to spend time with friends, a step on the way to learn new skills, an interesting gift for loved ones, a way to destress after work or a passion for sports.

Which shooting range to choose?

The most important thing is that the place where we want to go is professionally prepared to accommodate people who want to get to know shooting up close. Another extremely important element is to check whether the shooting range is run under the supervision of highly qualified staff and by people who have extensive experience in the subject of learning. This will ensure the highest level of safety without the risk of a dangerous incident at the shooting range – the only thing left is to enjoy this activity.

It is also worth finding out what offers are proposed by the places that allow you to practice shooting. If you are a beginner in shooting technique, you can take advantage of individual courses under the supervision of a professional. You may also be interested in the fact which weapons for learning shooting at a given shooting range, if you are interested in specific models – compare the offers of different places. Many shooting facilities prepare very interesting event offers – we have the opportunity to organize original integration meetings, birthdays, hen and stag parties with elements of shooting lessons.

If you are a person who has had the opportunity to gain experience in handling weapons, you may be interested in the fact, that many of the shooting ranges run their schools, prepare to obtain a firearms license and organize preparation for certified courses and even the role of shooting instructor.

Shooting practice in Cracow

Fortunately, large cities are characterized by having extremely long lists of facilities that allow you to learn how to shoot – it is no different with Krakow. The choice between the different places is really impressive, and everyone who wanted to start their adventure with weapons, return to their passion or make sports a full-time job – will find something for themselves. Among the numerous shooting ranges, the best-rated ones should be noted – they include:

All of the above places, of course, differ in terms of availability of dates, scope of activity, equipment, instructors and the applicable price list – the choice, as always, belongs to the customer.

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