Which are the styles of reading glasses you would prefer? 

Are you an avid reader? Or let’s try this one out, are you a writer? Both the actions require a prolific brain and sharp vision. And if you are in any of these categories then you will definitely know how important it is to have a perfect vision.

Yes, many people face issues while reading or writing something and why is that? In children there can possibly be some vision correction issues but what about adults?

Welcome to the club

One issue that is continuously faced among grown-ups or people above 40 is vision correction. One will definitely face several issues related to vision including the stiffening of the lens.

At one age, the eye lens tends to lose its elasticity making it much more difficult to see. They may not be able to read or write something written in small letters and even feel out of focus most of the time. At this point, one is not able to adjust to the changes quite easily

Remedies to combat such a situation 

If the condition is severe one must immediately visit a specialist regarding the same and take necessary remedies. One must not take time out to analyse their options themselves and should visit an expert regarding the situation.

Generally, it is recommended to switch to reading glasses, these are the glasses with the magnifying effect, through which you can look at the small letters written. It will help you to regain your focus as well.

Another thing is that these reading glasses can come with both prescription and non-prescription glasses. So for your reading needs, you can just switch to reading glasses. Reading glasses for women and men are available right at a few clicks.

Reading glasses for women

There are various glasses that one can actually explore when it comes to glasses. You might have an issue after your 40s when it comes to reading but your age does not decide your style.

Here are a few suggestions for super stylish ladies reading glasses that one can definitely try on, these are just a few suggestions and you could definitely try out the options to be explored.

Cat-eye glasses- The upswept style meets your feline personality, cat-eye glasses are among the bold and quirky picks that can be explored for the years to come. Perfect for every situation these glasses are right at your service. These glasses are in for some serious business and that is exactly what these are. Cat-eye glasses are not just limited to the feminine picks, they are now very much a trend among the male choices as well. And that’s how we know about the never-ending style of these glasses.

Aviator glasses- An unmatched beauty stands straight strong against the wheel of time. These are among the much favoured picks and we are pretty sure that each one of you has a pair of aviator glasses right in their cupboard. The tear-drop shape has always been among the classics, but there have been various other shapes that have been taken up, such as round and square as well. So aviator glasses are among the pic that you won’t be missing even for your reading glasses. A rogue style in perfect age.

Square glasses- These glasses have always been hailed for the bold looks it carries, these glasses have always been in for some serious business and they will not be out of trend anytime soon. The bold and strong shape with sharper corners is perfect for the one looking for some definition and highlights. For the one with soft and curvy features looking for some real balance and highlight, the square glasses will definitely give a perfect edge to your facial features. So now, you are in for a real mood lifter.

Round glasses- Softest yet classy that is exactly what these glasses are. They have always been a charmer, and never really get off the throne of being the best glasses to date. They have been quite popular as dating glasses in the glasses realm. Not to trust us yet? Then you must definitely give these glasses a shot. They are perfectly special for the one with angular features, it provides a much-required edge and sharpness to the face making it completely balanced and pretty.

These were our best suggestions and you can definitely go beyond these listings.

For your varifocal needs

Trouble in reading isn’t just the only struggle you will be facing in the coming years. You must have definitely seen several people using bifocal glasses, these are the lenses with two different vision support.

It is quite common that with age, there can be several vision issues and one among them is the requirement of various vision support. Now, bifocals have definitely become part of a technology and it has been replaced with varifocal glasses. Varifocal glasses have been famous for their three reft\ractife zone vision support, yes you just read that right, varifocal glasses have near, intermediate, and far, where one can easily switch.

The best part about these glasses is yet to unfold, in bifocal glasses, one can easily notice the division between two refractive zones, the division is quite visible as one can easily differentiate. Not just that, in varifocal glasses this division is completely eliminated, one does not feel uncomfortable while switching between all three refractive zones.

The visible division makes it difficult for the one switching as it makes the person feel the difference, whereas in varifocals it is completely flawless making it a super favourite.

How to adjust?

One issue that is usually faced while using varifocal glasses is that one finds it extremely difficult to adjust to the spontaneous change in vision.

Well, that can be easily sorted with a few tips.

  • Well, your varifocal issues will only be sorted once you start using them consistently so yes, consistency is the key.
  • Another tip is that if you are keeping these glasses from day till night, make sure that you do not skip in between.
  • Do not switch back to your old glasses once you are on with varifocal glasses.
  • Try not to roll your eyes at what you want to use instead try to tilt your head in the direction. In such a way you will be able to reduce the discomfort caused by these glasses.

Even if you are still not able to adjust with glasses after following all these tips, then you must consult a specialist regarding the situation.


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