Which Car To Buy For A Trip To Australia?






Australia is a country that occupies an entire continent with the same name, and several islands that are located in the Pacific and Indian Oceans. In order to get acquainted with it in detail, it is better to choose a trip by car. Since Australia is a continental country, the traveler does not need to take different visas to travel it far and wide. Tasmania, Kangaroo Island and Philip Island can also be reached by road. They are transported to the islands by ferry.

Australia is difficult to compare with European countries in terms of road quality and distance. The roads here are not always perfect, not all of them are paved. Hence, Japanese car imports for sale is the best decision for everyone who wants to transfer around Australia with comfort and safety! Moreover, Japanese used cars are one of the most comfortable solutions for tourists since this country has left side traffic and all the cars here are right-hand, just like in Japan.

Australian Japanese car importers: Mazda 3 — the biggest love of Australians

There are many rankings for the most popular cars for trips in Australia. According to statistics, Mazda 3 is the undisputed leader in this market for a number of reasons:

  • the car is technically quite simple, so it won’t be hard to drive it even for a young driver;
  • the car passes all 100,000 km of the guaranteed mileage without breakdowns, and this is one of the most important criteria for purchasing a vehicle in Japanese car imports Australia;
  • the car is fast, it can perfectly run on huge high-quality highways and move around the city quickly and mobile, without causing any special problems with parking;
  • The car has everything you need, excellent equipment is available even in the cheapest versions.

Practical averaged versions of the vehicles presented by  Australian Japanese car importers win in sales, which are both inexpensive and serve perfectly in any conditions. For the climate and conditions of this country, the Mazda 3 is ideal!

Corolla is also bought in medium trim levels, not the most expensive options.

Toyota Hilux — one of the best pickup truck among Japanese used cars

The second point of Japanese car imports Australia rating is occupied by the well-known Hilux. It is incredible that the car not only became the bestseller in the pickup class, but took third place in the total sales of all models of passenger transport. Trips across Australia require large and practical transport. Hence, due to Australian Japanese car importers, Toyota Hilux has the following advantages:

  • a simple and reliable pickup truck;
  • the car allows you to transport baggage in a special compartment that is not directly connected to the cabin, and the cabin provides 5 full-fledged passenger seats with excellent travel comfort;
  • the car is a full-fledged SUV with powerful engines and four-wheel drive, with excellent ability to overcome difficult road conditions;
  • There are no problems with the technical characteristics and main components, as long as Japanese car imports for sale are the most reliable vehicles.

By the way, Australia is the only country in the world where Hilux is among the top three most popular cars.

Japanese car imports Australia for city life lovers — Toyota Corolla

If Hilux is often bought in Australia by private sector residents, owners of huge farms and private estates, then city dwellers prefer such Japanese used cars as Toyota Corolla. This car is also well known in the European market. Today Toyota gives Australians the following benefits:

  • excellent quality and perfect indicators of the practicality of the vehicle, and again the principle of practicality is observed very correctly, there is no doubt about the quality of technology;
  • the machine looks modern, it fits perfectly in both urban landscapes of large settlements and rural areas;
  • The machine does not break down, it is one of the leaders in the rating of reliable vehicles around the world, which greatly influenced sales in this country, in addition to the pros of this car.

If you are planning to visit Australia, then choose Japanese car imports for sale and you won’t regret it!

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