Which Star Wars Planet Will Be Your Ideal Home?

There are “n” number of captivating planets in the cosmic system far, far away, still which one would make your best home? 

The Star Wars universe is home to an extraordinary array of assorted planets. From the bone-dry desert of Tatooine to the clamoring city of Coruscant, there are incalculable lifestyle choices and a daily existence in the cosmic system far, far away. 

Of the relative multitude of planets, however, which would give the best spot to live? As found in an interview carried out by betway Star Wars master Matt Hudson – co-host of the Star Wars Sessions digital broadcast – to examine. 


Bespin was a gas monster, dreadful beside the Cloud City that pinnacles over the planet’s surface. 

Matt Hudson: “Bespin is a gigantic wad of gas, fundamentally. Cloud City is the neighborly region at the top, and it’s all really white, clinical. The entire thing is sterile. 

“It’s very much run via Lando Calrissian, the executive, and it appears to be a fair personal satisfaction, however it doesn’t look especially exuberant. There’s not a dreadful part there, so on the off chance that you need to go to the bar or a bar or club – I didn’t perceive any. 

“Everyone minds their own business and seems as though they simply live to work. So it wouldn’t be the most energizing spot to live, I’d call it to a greater degree a retirement home.” 

Rating: 7/10 


Coruscant was a city planet, with its whole surface covered by a monster city. It is home to the Jedi Council, and the political focal point of the universe. 

MH: “On the off chance that you like city life, you will get all day, every day city life. We know there are a lot of bars and clubs there. There’s metropolitan culture also – a sort of East End vibe when you go down a couple of levels, a sort of Brick Lane putting down there. 

“On its opposite side, however, it’s a gigantic city, which isn’t for everyone. There doesn’t appear to be any approach to relax. Everything is in a hurry the entire time. 

“There’s additionally a reasonable class framework. There’s more than 1000 levels to this city, and the further down you go, it resembles plummeting into Hell. 

“So in case you’re rich, you’re in karma. In case you’re not, and you’re simply the basic ordinary laborer, it’s not the best spot to live.” 

Rating: 6/10 


A timberland planet which is home to the Ewoks, Endor was the location of the last fight in Return of the Jedi. 

MH: “On the off chance that you love a touch of nature, you’re experiencing the fantasy. 

“You can get a lot of activity, I’d envision there’s temperament trails, a ton of climbing, a great deal of going through the woods. What’s more, there’s the reputation of being the planet that the subsequent Death Star exploded over. 

“Simultaneously, there’s nothing of any genuine worth there for the miscreants to come and attempt to assume control over the planet. There’s nothing there separated from trees and Ewoks, so I believe it’s a protected spot to live. 

“The significant con is those Ewoks. They will kill you without a second thought. They’re awful easily overlooked details. 

“They planned to consume Han Solo and Luke Skywalker alive on the spit until C-3PO canceled it. It was consumed first, posed inquiries later.” 

Rating: 8/10 


The Rebel Alliance made Hoth – a planet covered by snow and ice – their base camp in The Empire Strikes Back. 

MH: “What is there to say about Hoth? What an excellent spot to go skiing! 

“Additionally, in case you’re a researcher, Hoth’s caverns are overflowing with potential outcomes, with various species and bugs and microbes. “However, I’m not a researcher. It’s an ice planet, it’s a virus. The lone spot to live is a cavern, and the wampas, similar to the one that assaulted Luke Skywalker, are the pinnacle hunter, so you’re as of now second on the natural way of life. “I see no motivation behind why you’d at any point need to live on Hoth.” 

Rating: 1/10 


Highlighting intensely in the prequel set of three, Naboo was the home of Queen Amidala, just as Jar Binks and the Gungans. 

MH: “Naboo is a planet of culture. There’s a lovely view. They have the open country, the glades, the lakes, the cascades, the creatures. 

“The Queen is stunning, [the monarchy] appear to adore their residents. Everything simply appears chill in Naboo. “I figure the Gungans would be okay, they add a touch of flavor and give that cosmopolitan, various feel. “The disadvantage is that it would seem that 16 ounces would be very overrated in Naboo. You’re not pulling off anything under a fiver. 

“Likewise, it’s simply the home planet of Emperor Palpatine, so a couple of individuals may give it a derisive look now since it was the origination of the most malicious man in the universe. “Yet, I think the look and energy of the spot totally dominates that. I will give it full checks.” 

Rating: 10/10


An inadequate desert planet with two suns, Tatooine was most broadly the homeworld of Anakin and Luke Skywalker. 

MH: “I think this is the Star Wars planet.” 

“In case you’re on Tatooine it’s a hard life, yet monstrously fulfilling. It’s practically similar to a rancher’s life. Toward the finish of it you get what you really ask for, and on the off chance that you truly buckle down you can make a respectable life there. “The saloons get somewhat boisterous. Local people may slaughter you only for taking a gander at them the incorrect way. 

“Furthermore, there’s two suns, which could be a gift and a revile. Toward the finish of Revenge of the Sith, [Obi-Wan Kenobi] was Ewan McGregor, a studly man. He’s a beefcake. When we get to A New Hope it’s Sir Alec Guinness. He’s matured horribly in those 18 or 19 years. 

“So you must have intense skin, both in a real sense and metaphorically, to withstand the climate and furthermore local people. However, in the event that you can get your head down and buckle down it’s a legitimate living and I’m not one to thump that.”  You can download many movies from jio rockers

Rating: 5/10


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